Custom Safety Labels and Signs

Custom Safety Labels and Signs

Whether you’re in need of a safety label to warn about hazards related to your products or you need a safety sign system for your facility, Clarion is your expert resource to accomplish the task. With our deep knowledge of the latest best practice standards and semiotics – the science behind the development of signs and symbols – Clarion’s staff can help you create custom safety signs, safety labels and safety markings that meet your specific needs. Why customize? Because off-the-shelf safety sign and safety label designs may not convey the exact information you need to communicate to your intended audience. “Close” is not good enough. “Close” may result in someone having an accident because they didn’t fully appreciate the nature of the hazard or the measures they needed to take to avoid the hazard. When it comes to safety communication, we understand that lives are often on the line. That’s why Clarion’s position has always been that it makes sense to design safety signs and safety labels that have clear, fully understandable messages that have a better chance of doing the job of reducing risk and protecting people.

When signs and labels need to be tailored, Clarion’s Customer Service Department helps our customers to choose the right format, symbols and words to communicate their safety messages, using two components that no other company has:

      1. Our experience. Over the past two decades we’ve worked with thousands of clients in over 180 industries to design and produce safety signs and safety labels for an incredibly wide variety of safety concerns. When you work with Clarion, all of this experience is brought to a focus on your individual company’s safety communication needs. With a track record of having created over 65,000 safety sign and label designs, we’re your trusted partner when your goal is to put in place a great safety sign program your products and facility.
      2. Our expertise. The vast majority of Clarion’s custom safety sign and label solutions use our two decades-long standards leadership on the ANSI and ISO committees to create great safety sign and label designs; designs that embody the latest best practices. When it comes to customization, no other company is working at this level of expertise.

    Examples of Clarion customized safety signs and safety labels:

    • Safety sign and safety label custom kits give you the ability to group together into one complete package all the labels or signs needed for a specific product, piece of equipment, or area in your facility. Not only does this simplify ordering and inventory management, but it can also help you to improve safety by ensuring you always include essential labels and signs needed for certain projects. To learn more about creating kits to fit your ordering needs, contact us today at (877) 748-0244 or visit the Clarion Resource Center.

    • Multi-message safety labels and signs incorporate multiple messages into a single warning. This type of formatting is useful to reduce “sign clutter,” providing a clean and clear presentation of more than one safety message. Using a standards-based approach, Clarion can customize your product safety label or safety sign to have as many or as few text messages and symbols as you require.

    • Multi-Message-Signs-and-Labels

    • Additional symbol panels to communicate more information (additional hazards or hazard avoidance details) in symbolic form, better reaching an international audience. To learn more about using multiple symbols and symbol panels in your labels, contact us today at (877) 748-0244 or send an email to

    • Custom Safety Symbol Panels

    • Safety notices customized to meet your exact requirements.

    • Custom Safety Notices

    • Safety instructional messages are almost always custom tailored to include details that are specific to your intended procedure or audience.

    • Custom Safety Instructional Messages

    • Symbol-only safety signs and safety labels have the ability to communicate safety messages across language barriers depending on the complexity of your message and the anticipated knowledge level of your intended audience. These signs and labels can contain an individual symbol or multiple symbols.

    • Custom Safety Symbol Only Labels

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