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Custom and fully-compliant safety signs, labels and markings – made easy!

Your purpose is to communicate safety. Often that involves the customization of your safety signs, safety labels, and safety markings. At Clarion, our expert Compliance Specialists stand ready to serve as your design and manufacturing resource so your exact requirements can be accurately communicated so risk is reduced and people are better protected from harm. Ease and a quick turnaround are hallmarks of our customization services. Custom solutions include, but are not limited to:

Custom Safety Labels and Signs

Custom Safety Signs and Labels

Effectively communicate your exact message on a custom safety label or safety sign, easily tailored with code-compliant formatting, symbols, and messaging.

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Custom Safety Symbols

Custom Safety Symbols

Your safety message may benefit from having Clarion’s experienced design staff create a custom safety symbol.

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Foreign Languages

With a translation capability of over 30 languages, Clarion makes the translation of your safety messages an easily accomplished task.

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Specialized Materials

Durability and longevity are important to every sign, label, and marking. Clarion offers a full range of material options to choose from.

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Unique Shapes

Unique Sizes and Shapes

With complete in-house die cutting capabilities, Clarion can provide safety signs, labels, and markings to fit within your space restrictions.

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Military-grade Solutions

Clarion is frequently trusted to develop innovative and effective safety communication markings for manufacturers of military equipment and for our armed services.

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Customization Taken to the Next Level

Clarion has the unique ability to design, produce and deliver just about any custom safety marking. Below are a few examples of the type of customized solutions we offer. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our expert staff is ready to work with you to meet your exact requirements.

QR Code Safety Labels

QR Code

QR codes offer a clever solution to communicate additional safety or instructional messages via your safety signs and safety labels. Clarion can incorporate unique QR codes that allow your intended audience to instantly access critical information.

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Nameplates Dataplates


Clarion custom nameplates and data plates can incorporate any variables you require – from the simple to the complex – and are produced on a wide variety of durable materials.

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Lab Door Sign

Lab Door Sign

Each Clarion lab door sign is customized to communicate the right information to employees, visitors, and emergency responders, informing them of the specific dangers and PPE requirements for each of your laboratories.

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Serialized Labels

Serialized Labels

Clarion’s digital production capabilities give you the ability to incorporate unique data and information, including barcodes, on each and every individual sign or label we produce.

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