180+ industries worldwide.

10,000+ companies.

30+ languages.

Over 42 million safety signs and labels.

Clarion's expertise in applying visual safety standards covers industries ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to beach lifeguarding . . . and everything in between.

Hazards will always exist where tools are used or where people interact with unforgiving environments like bodies of water. A split second is all it takes for someone to put themselves where they don't belong, with tragic consequences. This is where your Clarion safety labels play their critical role: to warn, remind and alert.

All to prevent accidents.

Clarion is proud to be the leading supplier of safety labels and facility signs for many industries, including:

Clarion Safety Food Processing Brochure
Food Processing
New ANSI/ISO Labeling for the Food Processing Industry

Clarion Safety Material Handling Brochure
Material Handling
New ANSI/ISO Labeling for the Material Handling Industry

Clarion Safety Packaging and Processing Brochure
Packaging and Processing
New ANSI/ISO Labeling for the Packaging and Processing Industry

Clarion Safety Semiconductor Brochure
New ANSI/ISO Labeling for the Semiconductor Industry

Your expert resource.

Trust Clarion to meet your duty-to-warn requirements with compliant safety signs and labels.

We know ANSI Z535, the standards that define best practices in safety communications. Clarion has helped advance them for more than two decades.

Our expertise is deep and genuine, having worked with 10,000+ companies across 180+ industries worldwide.

Collaborate with us to bring a new level of safety communication to your company.

No compromises.

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When it comes to safety, your signs and labels must not compromise in design and materials. Clarion is one of a handful of 3M Preferred Converters, offering our customers the finest adhesives, base materials and overlaminates in the world.

Always there to be seen.