Mission Statement

Clarion's Mission Statement

Clarion's mission is to protect people from harm. Every service we provide and product we manufacture is deeply rooted in this principle because, at our core, we value human life. We will accomplish this mission every day by:

  • Contributing strong and innovative leadership to the U.S. and international standards committees that define best practices in the field of visual safety communication.

  • Rigorously pursuing excellence in the design and manufacture of every product we produce for our customers.

  • Providing the highest quality educational materials for our customers so they know how best to use safety signs and markings to reduce risk and protect people.

  • Treating our employees, customers and vendors with the highest level of respect so they can grow and thrive.

  • Supporting causes that reflect Christ – promoting stewardship, compassion and His love in our local community and throughout the world.

Your expert resource.

Trust Clarion to meet your duty-to-warn requirements with compliant safety signs and labels.

We know ANSI Z535, the standards that define best practices in safety communications. Clarion has helped advance them for more than two decades.

Our expertise is deep and genuine, having worked with 10,000+ companies across 180+ industries worldwide.

Collaborate with us to bring a new level of safety communication to your company.

No compromises.

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When it comes to safety, your signs and labels must not compromise in design and materials. Clarion is one of a handful of 3M Preferred Converters, offering our customers the finest adhesives, base materials and overlaminates in the world.

Always there to be seen.