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PPE Reinforcement Signs

PPE Reinforcement Signs

The use of personal protective equipment is an important means to prevent injuries in many industries. Clarion’s personal protective equipment (PPE) signs visually reinforce your company's PPE policies for various areas of your workplace and for specific tasks. Place these signs in locations wherever your safety training mandates the use of PPE so that employees, guests and subcontractors are made aware of the need to take specific protective measures to avoid harm.


Our innovative use of well-designed graphical symbols brings an unparalleled degree of instant recognition concerning the need to wear various types of PPE. From steel-toed shoes to safety gloves, from hard hats to protective eyewear, these signs convey the type of protection required. With our customization services, you can add text that specifies a particular rating or level for the type of PPE that needs to be worn.

When it comes to PPE, it’s important that the world speaks the same visual language – that we all use the same graphical symbols. This is why most of our signs in this category utilize symbols standardized by ISO. We’ve limited our alterations to the ISO symbols to when national differences exist. For example, the ISO symbol for “wear hard hat” uses a rounded hat and no back suspension strap. We modified this symbol so the hard hat looks more like what’s used in the U.S.: a hard hat with a front emblem bump-out and protruding rear strap.

When multiple forms of PPE need to be worn in a given location, such as a construction site, we can customize a single, larger sign to accommodate all of the necessary PPE messages. Just let our Customer Service Department know which PPE you require to be posted, and the order you want them to appear, and we’ll custom create a sign that fits your application.