Swimming Pool Safety Sign Systems

Pool Safety Sign Systems

Better protect people and reduce risk at your pool with a sign system that uses clear graphical symbols and repetition of key messages to assure noticeability and understanding.

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A new era in pool safety signs.

"The signs work
together as a SYSTEM
to effectively communicate safety and reduce liability."

Swimming Pool Safety Sign System

Partnering to Save Lives

NDPA Partner Logo

As water safety partners, Clarion and the NDPA collaborate to help prevent drowning via visual warnings. Learn about our partnership, including the Seal of Safer Pool Practices Program.

No Kids Alone Zone Sign

From a little boy's death, a water safety sign came to life - thanks to a partnership with the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation.

No Long Breath Holding Sign

Clarion and Shallow Water Blackout Prevention partner to prevent deaths from breath holding in pools.