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Join Us at ASSE’s Biggest Safety Event Yet

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems on

This week’s 56th annual American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Professional Development Conference (PDC) and expo in Denver, CO is expected to set a new record for attendance.

Will you be one of the nearly 5,000 workplace safety and health professionals at the event?

If so, don’t miss our founder and CEO, Geoffrey Peckham’s PDC lecture on risk communication and ISO 45001. His session, “Risk Communication: A Critical Component in Achieving ISO 45001 Objectives,” will be on Thursday, June 22 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in session # 737.

“ISO 45001 – the first global standard for OH&S management systems – will essentially give organizations in the U.S. and around the world a structure that can be followed to plan, support, implement and evaluate their efforts to eliminate or reduce risks to workers and other people under their control. As companies look to implement processes to continually improve workplace safety in line with ISO 45001, the ability to accurately communicate residual risks to workers, subcontractors and guests becomes critically important,” he says.

The session will explore how safety professionals can use recent advances in the OSHA, ANSI, ISO and NFPA standards related to safety sign systems to more accurately communicate and reduce risk to achieve the larger goal of creating safer workplaces and public environments.

We hope to see you in Denver!

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