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Installation Tools and Hardware

Installation Tools and Hardware

A safety sign that is poorly installed not only reflects badly on your company’s safety program, it could fall down, go missing or become obliterated. When something like this happens, the sign’s value to communicate its safety message is lost. That’s why at Clarion, we take installation hardware seriously.


Some of our signs are adhesive-backed with top-of-the-line 3M adhesives. We can also supply your signs with drilled corner or center holes for use with our anchor kit of screws and wall anchors. The kit is available for both indoor and outdoor use. When outdoor conditions are the expected environment of use, our anchor kit uses stainless steel fasteners so your sign won’t be marred by deteriorating, rusting nuts and bolts. This is a common occurrence – as looking at any group of parking lot signs will attest to.

We also have chain link fence sign fastening kits, with fasteners that wrap around the chain link fence wire in a secure way that prevents theft.

If you prefer not to mount your signs with hardware, for both indoor and outdoor use, you can opt to purchase sets of 3M adhesive tabs, one for each sign corner. For large signs, consider purchasing an additional set of tabs for installation along the sign’s edges.

Our safety labels use the finest 3M base materials, overlaminates and adhesives, all made to work in combination with one another so our customers receive very durable labels. The main thing that can go wrong with a Clarion safety label’s adhesion is that it wasn’t properly installed. To this end, we provide application instructions (explaining how to clean the application’s surface and how to apply the label so that the adhesion form’s a strong bond), a squeegee and a protective sleeve so your installation can be flawless.

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