Clarion President to Present Course on Warnings and Instructions to Increase Safety and Reduce Liability

By Erin Earley | 10th May 2012

Attention technical writers, engineers, managers, product safety and liability prevention specialists, and all those responsible for creating and reviewing instructions and warnings! We have news you can use on an upcoming educational program offered by the University of Wisconsin's engineering department. The 3-day course, "Using Warnings and Instructions to Increase Safety and Reduce Liability," is designed to provide practical information to assist companies in making their products safer to use and avoid liability.

And, we're proud to say that Clarion president Geoffrey Peckham will be one of only a handful of experts featured in the program. Geoffrey will share his safety communication experience and standards expertise to present on the following topics:

  • The ANSI Z535 Standards for Product Safety Signs and Labels
  • International Standards
  • U.S./International Standard Harmonization
  • Durability Considerations

The course will be held June 12-14, 2012 in Madison Wisconsin, and is currently open for enrollment. Interested in learning more? Visit the University of Wisconsin's website.