Combustible dust rules imminent

By Clarion Safety | 23rd Sep 2009

Our sources tell us that new rules from OSHA on combustible dust hazards are due virtually any day. Combustible dust is a potential hazard in a large number of industries, from woodworking and finishing to chemical or food-processing plants.

More on OSHA's current guidance is available here, from the agency's page on combustible dust. Additional information is available from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board. The video will convince you, if you're not yet, of the real dangers. As the video outlines, proper cleaning and maintenance procedures are critical to reducing this hazard.

OSHA's action now follows several deadly accidents around the country in recent years. In fact, a few individual states had moved ahead of OSHA in promulgating their own rules on the hazard.The emphasis on new rules, standards and enforcement ties into OSHA's and the Department of Labor's new activism this year. Sources both in and out of OSHA tell us we can expect more activity on reducing the combustible dust hazard.