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Why Moving Your Training Online Can Reduce Liability – And How to Do it For Free

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 22nd Nov 2021

Enhancing Your Safety Options
Product safety is a major issue for today’s equipment manufacturers. With lives on the line – and injury award and defense costs for product liability lawsuits totaling on average in the multi-million dollar range – there’s no room for error. That’s why we offer our product safety and management solution, ClarionAccess®, and its online learning management system capabilities, as a complimentary add-on service to our Clarion Safety customers, for their first piece of equipment or machinery.

ClarionAccess® utilizes a combination of learning management systems and QR code enhanced on-product warning labels to allow both manufacturers and employers to provide easily accessible digital information that can be updated at any time. When your customer scans the QR code, it opens your personalized ClarionAccess® platform. Your custom-designed platform provides access to all of your product’s information over its lifecycle. That includes label/symbol explanations, safety training, product manuals, servicing and parts, and more.

Solving Both Product and Workplace Challenges
How exactly can ClarionAccess® help solve challenges that your product safety, management, marketing and customer service teams may be facing? Here’s a look at five common areas of concern and the benefits ClarionAccess® can provide.

Product Challenge #1: Safety
When your machines or equipment operate, many potential hazards exist: from cutting, compressing, rolling or pinching to heating, sealing or packaging. A split second is all it takes for someone to put a hand where it doesn’t belong…with tragic consequences. It’s no wonder that safety and risk reduction weigh heavily on today’s product manufacturing stakeholders.

ClarionAccess® takes product safety to the next level. To start with, all safety-related information (technical manuals, safety videos, etc.) is easily and conveniently available to users in one central location. In addition to that, it allows you to provide supplementary training, including a library of the symbols used in your warnings and custom developed safety resources like video training and tailored quizzes. The information can be organized in a linear pattern, to make sure no one can unnecessarily or accidentally skip ahead and miss crucial content.

Product Challenge #2: Liability
Your first and foremost goal is creating a safe product and doing everything possible to ensure its safe use. Another aspect to consider, though, is liability and your legal ‘duty to warn’. This can be brought into the spotlight in the unfortunate event of an issue or accident and resulting lawsuit. ClarionAccess® can help to support a positive position. Here’s how:

  • Compliant, effective safety labels on your product: as a first step, through our assessment service, we help to review your labels to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest standards and best practices for visual safety communication. You can trust in our track record. With 15,000+ clients and nearly 100 million signs and labels in use, zero Clarion Safety customers have had “failure to warn” or “inadequate warnings” allegations brought against them.
  • Symbol meanings are explained and defined: as part of the symbol library in ClarionAccess®, your end users receive added training – supporting a greater depth of understanding – on the meaning of every symbol used in your warnings and instructions.
  • Supplementary safety training is provided: in the ClarionAccess® platform, you can include product-specific, customized safety training, allowing end users to be certified in the safe use of your product with certificates of completion.
  • Document end user’s platform use and training: you’ll be able to access statistics on your end user’s use of the training information available in ClarionAccess®, including documentation of completed trainings.

Product Challenge #3: Operational Efficiency
Is your company straining under costly or outdated printed product manuals? Or perhaps you’re contending with repetitive training and support issues. Those can be problems of the past. With ClarionAccess®, you can move to digital files that are easier to maintain and much more cost-effective. You can also provide immediate, convenient access to tech support and ordering information. These elements of the platform can help to save money and boost efficiency. You won’t be alone in these endeavors either; users of ClarionAccess® receive access to a full team of Clarion Safety experts to assist in the transitionary process. Save time and receive help from our team of professionals which include:

  • Liability consultants with over 30 years of in-the-field experience to make sure nothing is ever left out.
  • ANSI/ISO standards members and certification experts for best practice label selection, placement, and recommendations.
  • Technical and editorial instruction writers for optimized training fluency and understanding.
  • Graphic designers and visual guide experts for custom requests and digital layouts.

Product Challenge #4: Organization of Information – and Access to It
There are many pieces of information that need to be documented and available over a product’s lifecycle. ClarionAccess® makes them simple. You can house all documentation in one central, digital learning management system, from warranties to compliance certifications like conflict materials, RoHS, Reach or UL. Plus, if you need to give end users access to a product update, whether it’s marketing-related or a recall, you’re able to push messages to users through the platform itself. Any of this information can be accessed from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop, and can also be downloaded in pdf formats for additional uses.

Product Challenge #5: Competitive Advantage
Are you struggling to differentiate your product from the competitors’? With ClarionAccess®, you can make your customer’s positive, seamless experience a competitive advantage that truly sets you apart. BE&SCO Manufacturing, a bakery equipment and service provider, uses the ClarionAccess® platform for their 12-18 Wedge Press pizza, tortilla and flatbread machine. The experience of their customers has been one of the benefits they’ve enjoyed. “The Clarion Safety team worked meticulously with us to design a customized and easy to implement solution that enhanced our customer experience. We couldn’t be happier with the ClarionAccess® platform as it is truly invaluable,” says Seth Huerta, BE&SCO Manufacturing’s marketing manager.

Meet With Our ClarionAccess® Team Today
Ready to see what ClarionAccess® can do for your company and products? Visit to watch our video, see in-depth features information and request your demo. And keep in mind, for existing Clarion Safety customers, we’re offering ClarionAccess® completely free of charge for your first piece of equipment or machinery. Our team is standing by to help you build a robust product safety and training platform.


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