Introducing Our New Machinery Safety and Risk Assessment Services

By Clarion Safety Systems | 19th Nov 2020


Safety and risk reduction are top concerns for today’s product manufacturers. Until recently, Clarion Safety’s main focus has been on product warnings and instructions. Now, we’re expanding that reach to answer the wider needs of our clients, helping to identify, remedy and prevent comprehensive product safety and compliance issues. On that note, we’re proud to introduce our new product safety and risk assessment solution: Clarion Safety Assessment.

The Challenges Equipment Manufacturers Face
There are so many elements involved in bringing a safe, compliant piece of equipment or machinery to market. When machines heat, cut, or compress, potential hazards exist. A split second is all it takes for someone to put a hand where it doesn’t belong. The consequences can be tragic – and the stakes are high. That’s why we’ve expanded our services to help engineers, lawyers and other product manufacturing stakeholders to easily create and market safe, compliant equipment.

Your Partner in Safety
Clarion Safety has a longstanding, 30 year history of collaborating with customers to implement best practices related to a broad range of product safety standards with the goal of maximizing safety and reducing risk. Clarion Safety Assessment is driven by that same commitment to excellence, which has proven results. We have a track record of working with over 15,000 companies without a single Clarion Safety customer ever facing warnings-based allegations.

Our Machine Safety and Risk Services
Clarion Safety Assessment provides full-service product safety and liability prevention capabilities, offered through a team of experts, each with specific areas of proficiency. Available at our sister website,, services for equipment manufacturers include machine risk assessments, warnings and label reviews and product safety consulting. Here are a few more details on each:

  • Machine risk assessment:  Risk assessments are a powerful tool in identifying and reducing hazards – making them the foundation of a product safety program. The Clarion Safety Assessment team helps ensure the risk assessment follows a formal method based on the needs at hand and today’s best practices. The end result: effective processes and outcomes are established in line with a comprehensive safety strategy.
  • Warnings and label reviews:  Communicating risk through warnings is a critical component of risk reduction, especially when it’s not practical to design out or guard against a particular hazard. However, there’s a reason that “failure to warn” and “inadequate warnings” continue to top today’s product liability allegations: creating effective on-product warnings isn’t always easy. In this personalized label or label program evaluation, the Clarion Safety Assessment team reviews the latest standards and best practices and makes tangible recommendations.
  • Consulting: There are many different elements in an effective product safety program. Whether a company is looking to put their program to the test or has known issues but are unsure where to begin, Clarion Safety’s consulting solution is an effective starting point. Examples of types of consulting offered include product safety/liability strategy, specifying safety requirements like machine guarding, best practices for product safety manuals, and litigation support.

Learn more and schedule your free consultation at We look forward to working together to advance safety!