New Service Announcement: Machine Safeguarding Audits For Manufacturers

By Clarion Safety Systems | 20th Jul 2021

Are you looking to improve your machine’s overall safety and efficiency? Allow Clarion Safety Assessment’s newest service, machine safeguarding audits, to answer the call and provide valuable standards insight to your products.

Our new safeguarding audit service can help to assess machines and processes to provide actionable information on how the application of current compliance standards related to machines will help ensure additional protection for operators and may subsequently reduce liability.

Common Machine Safeguarding Flaws
An audit can help apply the latest safety standards to machinery, as well as check for common issues found in previously implemented safeguarding strategies. A few examples of these include:

  • Not considering all risks associated with the machinery
  • Abuse of protective, cycle, and/or emergency stops
  • Lack of thorough training on equipment
  • Secondary safeguards which are non-existent or deficient in nature

Services Included Within Our Audit
Clarion Safety Assessment’s safeguarding audit service helps manufacturers to protect machine operators against injury, regardless of what machinery is in use. Services include identifying the applicable American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and safety precautions relative to the machine and its design, as well as conducting a thorough inspection and safeguarding assessment. These will identify the guards or devices that could be used as true barriers or signals to keep operators working safely. Clarion Safety carries out these audits through our team of experts with multiple years of experience and constantly evolving standards knowledge.

Learn more about our continuous portfolio expansion and services – designed with your machine safety needs in mind!