Bringing You Custom Training Services

By Clarion Safety Systems | 26th Aug 2021

Recently, we’ve been focused on expanding our range of services to better serve the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and workplace safety professionals who rely on our safety label, sign and tag products. We’re now excited to announce the launch of our custom training service, made available through Clarion Safety Assessment and ClarionAccess®.

We understand that training is key to safety for today’s machinery and workplaces. Our team can help to evaluate, optimize and develop training specific to your products or facility. That includes development of custom video, illustrations and responsive content, as well as delivery and tracking.

Meeting Your Training Challenges
No matter how advanced your training program is – or the challenges you might face with keeping pace with the digital age – we’re here to offer support. Our expert team of safety professionals can work together with you develop a program specific to your needs and budget. That may be as simple as converting PowerPoint training slides to an interactive online course, or as detailed as collaborating on a fully customized training portal.

Our team works through a thorough process to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • Evaluating and optimizing training, considering all those who interact with the machinery across its lifecycle, from machine operators to temporary staff, from consultants to safety managers.
  • Gathering necessary content related to safety instructions and operational procedures – applying relevant standards and training requirements.
  • Designing, delivering, and tracking comprehensive lessons in an accessible, user-friendly format. We offer:
    • Custom video, illustrations, or responsive content creation
    • Delivery through their ClarionAccess® platform LMS
    • Development of quizzing and reporting

Effective Training for Safer Equipment and Workplaces
Clearly communicating proper machinery operating procedures is key to keeping user’s safe from harm and helping to reduce liability risk. Training is most effective when it’s easily accessible and understood, thorough, and specific to the machinery or workplace at hand.

As an introductory offer, take advantage of a free trial to build your training course, bringing it online and accessible through our ClarionAccess® platform LMS. Start your free trial today!