'OSHA listens' now available

By Clarion Safety | 8th Mar 2010

The "OSHA listens' public meeting is now available via webcast for those who'd like to review the March 4 session. Fortunately, OSHA also has prepared a page to help you navigate among the many topics of the day and review testimony.

David Michaels, an assistant secretary of Labor and OSHA chief, was among the OSHA officials at the daylong gathering. Thislink takes you to the pagefor the video; youll see links for the morning session and the afternoon session. The broadcast is closed-captioned.

Among other stakeholders, the American Society of Safety Engineers ( ASSE) president, Chris Patton,gave testimony. Patton addressed a number of important issues, including performance-based standards, OSHA reform, other languages spoken in the workplace, and the incorporation of voluntary consensus standards.

"From our members' perspective, one the key issues challenging the ability of OSHA to move forward with standards is its inability to keep up with valuable advancements in occupational safety and health consensus standards. The relatively rapid ability of the occupational safety and health community to come together to agree to voluntary consensus standards is fully at odds with the constraints OSHA faces in developing standards that can continue to reflect the community's best knowledge of how to protect workers," Patton told the listening meeting.