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How to Easily Customize Your Safety Labels and Safety Signs

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems on

As a product manufacturer or workplace safety professional, there are times that an off-the-shelf safety label or safety sign product will fit your needs. But, that’s not always the case. Safety, and communicating about it, isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

From a product that has a particularly harsh environment of use to a facility that has unique safety messages that need to be precisely communicated, there are many reasons why custom labels and signs may be your best option. When your label or sign isn’t durable or doesn’t accurately convey information about the hazard and avoidance measures, accidents are more likely to happen.

The ANSI and ISO standards for product safety labels and signs are an ideal starting point to guide the content for your custom warnings. These standards can help you with items like:

  • Format (such as multi-hazard warnings or symbol-only messages)
  • Environment of use
  • Materials
  • Signal words
  • Symbols
  • Word message
  • Language

It takes time and effort to understand the standards, and how to apply them to your warnings. If you’re unsure where to begin with creating custom labels and signs to meet your needs, Clarion is here to help. We specialize in partnering on fast, easy and precise customization – for labels and signs that meet your needs AND today’s best practices.

We recently launched a new online tool that automates the first step in our hands-on process. It allows you to make initial selections for the key areas listed above, providing resources on the standards and best practices to be considered for each.

Once you submit your customization request, Clarion’s customer service team reviews and works together with you on recommendations and next steps for your project. We’re with you every step of the way. And, we don’t believe in confusing options or lengthy project completion timeframes – it’s just not part of our philosophy!

Whether you choose our in-stock or custom products, you can trust in their proven effectiveness. With 15,000+ clients and nearly 100 million labels and signs in use, zero Clarion customers have had “failure to warn” or “inadequate warnings” allegations brought against them.

Try our customization tool and see the results for yourself!

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