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New Arc Flash Symbol Is Important Step Forward for Safety

Many workers die each year as a result of arc flash explosion accidents – and most are killed because they failed to wear the proper PPE. Your adherence to the use of proper labeling on electrical equipment can help to protect people from the risk of arc flash explosions. Until recently, however, there was not a [...]

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ISO Safety Communication Update: What You Need to Know

The International Organization for Standardization (

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The Importance of Using Proper Materials for Safety Labels

If you’re an engineer in charge of safety for the products your company puts into the marketplace, you’d be well served to pay strong attention to the materials that go into the safety labels installed on those products. I say this because too many times I’m out in the field, working on safety sign systems for facilities, [...]

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Our ISO 9001 Certification – And What It Means for You!

Clarion is a registered ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, meaning that our on-going quality program meets the compliance requirements of ISO 9001 for process-based quality management systems. We’re now proud to be able to share… Clarion is ISO 9001:2015 certified! That’s right: we’ve undergone the training, process and audit to be on the front lines of transitioning to the newly revised version [...]

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Symbol-Only Safety Label Formats Gain New Ground

When should your safety labels use symbols and text? When should they use symbols alone? What should those symbols look like? These are the types of product safety questions that are not always easy to answer, and as such they’re ones that, here at Clarion, we assist our customers with every day by providing information on the latest standards, best practices, [...]

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​A New Standard to Bring Consistency – and Added Safety – to Pipemarking

Most facilities – as well as oil rigs, ships, industrial plants and building complexes – have pipemarking systems in use. The proper identification of these system components is critical. These markings quickly communicate vital information to personnel, maintenance staff and firefighters. There are a variety of national and international standards that effect pipemarking, but not one [...]

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Preventing Drownings from Shallow Water Blackout

“No lifeguard on duty.” “Watch your children.” “No diving.” “Wear life jackets.” You may be aware of these important pool safety messages. But there’s another core message that’s often not as familiar to swimmers: “no long breath holding.” It’s not uncommon for amateur, professional and military swimmers to practice holding their breath underwater for extended periods of time as part of [...]

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Four Questions to Ask When Designing Product Safety Labels

We recently posted a piece here on the Clarion blog on key considerations for designing safety signs for workplaces. Now I’d like to do the same thing for product safety labels. Here are four questions I consider central to designing product safety labels: Question #1 Before you begin the design of a product safety label, ask yourself, [...]

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Egress Pathmarking Systems: Photoluminescent Lifelines to Safety

When people need to escape from a building due to an emergency situation, every passing moment matters. Whether it’s a fire, earthquake or other crisis, each second can mean the difference between life and death. Clearly communicating proper evacuation paths is essential to achieving high speeds of egress – which is critical to the goal of saving lives in [...]

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Alligator Signs and Protecting People in Public Places

Many public and private premises in the southeastern U.S. have problems with alligators. In Florida alone, 595 alligator bites on humans, 373 of which were unprovoked, have been documented, according to statistics from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; 22 of these bites resulted in human fatalities. Safety signs are critical in warning people – whether it’s golfers, hotel guests, [...]

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