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​Trend Alert: Moving Toward a Uniform System of Hazard Recognition

In the end of 2013, OSHA incorporated the latest versions of the ANSI Z535 safety sign, tag and color standards into its safety regulations, aligning them with today’s best practices. OSHA’s change allowed for consistency in both sign and label formats using the latest standards. And likewise, it’s now impacting both our products and our workplaces. The [...]

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Four Questions to Ask When Designing Workplace Safety Signs

June is National Safety Month. It’s a time to focus on reducing the leading causes of injury and death at work. Best practice safety signs (that are aligned with the latest safety sign, color and tag standards) are an important part of your workplace safety strategy. Here at Clarion, we stand ready as your expert [...]

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Safety Sign Standards-Writing – and Clarion’s New Role!

The International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) Technical Committee 145 (ISO/TC 145) is one of the most influential standards-writing committees in the world. This international committee standardizes the symbols that appear on products and for use in built environments – symbols that indicate, for example, the controls for “windshield wipers” and “headlights” in cars, “fast” and [...]

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Upcoming Course: Improve Your Products' Warnings and Instructions

Are you an engineer, technical writer, or risk manager with product safety-related responsibilities? You won’t want to miss this upcoming educational program designed to assist organizations in enhancing their product safety and liability prevention activities: the University of Wisconsin’s “Using Warnings and Instructions to Increase Safety and Reduce Liability” course.Thoroughly developed warnings and instructions are [...]

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Water Safety Signs That Are More Apt to Get Kids' Attention

Who can predict what kids will or won’t pay attention to? Along with my wife, I helped to raise four children, now all in their 20s, and each one of them approaches life differently. Predicting what they will pay attention to and how they will act was (and still is!) impossible. But that knowledge doesn’t [...]

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Word Choice in the Multicultural Workplace

Deciding which words to use on your safety signs and labels, and then which languages to use, can be difficult for both facility owners and manufacturers of products used in the workplace (like machinery). If you know that, say, English and Spanish are the only two languages spoken in a given setting, that makes things easy, for [...]

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ISO Safety Symbol Updates Move Forward

This past month, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) held committee meetings in Berlin, Germany, which Clarion had the privilege of participating in.We’re active members of the leading standards bodies responsible for safety sign standards – the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) domestically and ISO internationally. And, our CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, is chairman of both [...]

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A Brief History of ANSI Z535

If you’re tasked with product safety, you’re likely well-aware of ANSI Z535, the committee responsible for the primary safety label standard in the U.S. But, do you know why the ANSI Z535 standards were developed – and why they’re such an important guide for you to rely on for your safety label’s design? You’ll want to read our CEO [...]

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Workplace Signage: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Picture yourself as a subcontracted construction worker showing up to the worksite the first day on the job. You put on your hard hat as you go through the gated entrance to the site and begin your work. What is the likelihood that you took the time needed to read all of the safety signs posted [...]

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Clarion’s CEO to be Featured Expert in Panel Discussion on Warnings

Here at Clarion, our expertise doesn’t stop at our safety sign and label products – we’re proud to be “go-to” experts in visual safety communication as well. Our latest upcoming industry event: Clarion’s CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, and chair of the ANSI Z535 committee, will be a featured expert at the Defense Research Institute’s (DRI) 2016 Product Liability [...]

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