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Integrating Safety Labels and Signs Into Employee Training

The goal for every company should be to have a safety culture – one that upholds the value of human life and strives to continually improve conditions, processes and environments that will keep workers safe. To help make such a culture possible, safety training needs to occur to inform and remind workers of safety-related [...]

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Effective Safety Labeling for the Feed Industry

Effective warning labels are critical in the feed and grain industry where interaction between people and machinery is frequent, making the potential for injury possible. Moving parts present cutting and crushing hazards, conveyors present entanglement and falling hazards, and confined spaces pose a danger of asphyxiation. The good news: over the past two decades, the ANSI [...]

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How Can Effective Safety Signs Save Lives?

I’ve heard it said that safety signs are ineffective at changing people’s behavior, that nobody reads warnings anyway, and that the only reason safety signs are posted is because OSHA compliance mandates them. A similar argument was made for on-product safety labels 20 years ago; nobody pays attention to them and they’re only a [...]

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Shipboard Wayfinding and Clarion: A Real-Life Story

Ever since 2005 when I led the expert taskforce for NYC after 9/11 that helped to establish new building code provisions for wayfinding systems placed in tall buildings, I’ve had the opportunity to design and install these systems in a wide variety of venues. From the aisle steps of Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall to factories [...]

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Understanding Symbols: Emergency Stop

One of the main building blocks for a product’s safe design is the proper use of color-coding and symbols.The need to correctly identify emergency stop actuators designed into machinery is critical so operators can easily locate them to stop a machine in an emergency situation. Following the latest best practices for symbols is important in [...]

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ANSI, ISO and New Global Markets

How has the development of product safety label standards helped manufacturers to reduce risk – AND expand global markets?Read our CEO Geoffrey Peckham’s article in the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) latest electroindustry (ei) magazine.NEMA’s ei magazine features new reports from Capitol Hill, what’s happening in the world of standards, and industry news. We’re proud to [...]

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Vision Plus 2015 Reflections

In early September 2015 I had the privilege of giving a presentation at a world conference on visual communication held at Birmingham University in Birmingham, England. It was a great experience and, for two reasons, it was different from any of the nearly 100 speaking opportunities I’ve had over the past 25 years of lecturing [...]

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ISO 3864-2 and the Need for a Harmonized System of Product Safety Labels

The international standard for product safety labels, ISO 3864-2 Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – Part 2: Design principles for product safety labels, published in 2004, codified a global set of best practice, symbol-based product safety label formats to communicate safety to international audiences.In the second part of a new podcast series with [...]

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ANSI Z535 and How it Revolutionized the Field of On-Product Warnings

When the U.S. standard for product safety labels, ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels, was published in 1991, it gave manufacturers the tool they needed to develop good product warnings that could more effectively communicate safety messages, helping to prevent accidents.In a new podcast series with NEMA, Clarion’s CEO Geoffrey Peckham, and chair [...]

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Best Practices for Your Label Content

How can your labels effectively convey safety messages for your products or electrical equipment?For the latest best practices, take a look at the August eiXtra e-newsletter from NEMA, the trade association for the electrical manufacturing industry, which features an article from Clarion, “Effective Product Safety Labels: Your Guide to Content.”The article is a featured guest column [...]

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