Upcoming Seminar at ASSE Safety 2014: OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems

By Bethany Stadelmann | 4th Jun 2014

Here's an update for all of the safety, health and environmental professionals and our partners in safety attending this year's American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) annual expo and professional development conference:

Clarion's CEO Geoffrey Peckham will be presenting an educational seminar on OSHA/ANSI safety sign systems as an outcome of risk assessment at the ASSE Safety 2014 show, taking place next week, June 8 -11, in Orlando, Florida.

Are you interested in attending? The session is #517, titled, "A New and Powerful Risk Reduction Technique: Creating OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems as an Outcome of Risk Assessment," and takes place Monday, June 9 from 10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Many safety professionals aren't aware of OSHA's recent safety sign regulation changes – changes that go beyond the GHS initiative and effect nearly every industry. This session will explain how to use the new tools of risk assessment and the OSHA/ANSI safety sign standards to create safety sign systems that reduce accidents and prevent liability exposure. The seminar will explore these two new tools and how they can be practically applied, with the ultimate goal of helping to create safer work environments to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

To learn more, visit the ASSE Safety 2014 website. We hope to see you there!