Vision Plus Takes Place This Fall – and We’re a Part of It!

By Bethany Savage | 20th Aug 2015

We’re excited to announce: our CEO Geoffrey Peckham has been selected to present at  Vision Plus 2015, an international interdisciplinary symposium taking place September 3 and 4 in Birmingham, England.

His lecture, “ISO Symbols: The Key to Global Safety Communication,” will share insight on the visual communication of safety information – his  life’s work. The presentation will show how the new vocabulary of graphical safety symbols established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has become an effective tool for safety communication, and will share a vision for how the increased use of these ISO symbols worldwide will benefit people around the globe.

The Vision Plus event provides a forum for discussion and the exchange of experience and ideas on this year’s theme: information + design = performance. The aim is to consider how information design can improve performance across a range of fields from the arts to business.

In the words of our CEO: “I’m honored to have been selected to be a part of this innovative, peer-reviewed conference. I’m looking forward to furthering the discussion on developing best practices worldwide for  safety signage so risk is reduced and people are better protected. Our ultimate goal: making the world a safer place.”

Stay tuned for more news on the event!

ISO Safety Graphic