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Custom Safety Solutions to
Protect Our Armed Forces

At Clarion Safety, we understand the importance of developing unique safety markings for all branches of the armed forces. As in other industries, safety in the military is paramount, and creating custom instructional markings and safety labels is vital to keeping military personnel aware of potential safety hazards on and off the battlefield. Our experts place the highest value on safety messaging designed to reduce risk and save lives.

Clarion Safety regularly provides safety labeling systems for all branches of the defense industry and equipment, including missile defense systems, aerospace intelligence equipment and defense communication products. In line with the military’s commitment to excellence, our custom labels are made from the finest quality 3M materials and are suitable for the harshest indoor and outdoor environments. They are designed to regularly withstand tough military conditions including high temperatures, extreme winds and exposure to water and hazardous chemicals – making them virtually indestructible.

Clarion has been spearheading the safety industry since 1990, and we’ve worked with many of the leading defense contractors for decades. We are experts in compliance and safety regulation standards, and our founder and staff regularly serve on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committees. They have been pivotal in streamlining both U.S. and international safety sign, color, format and symbol standards to improve safety across all industries. Our safety products are regularly updated and redesigned to meet the latest global compliance and standards requirements. Clarion’s state-of-the-art, in-house production facility is fully equipped to produce “MIL-SPEC” safety labels that meet the strictest military standards.

Do you have a unique challenge that requires a personalized or custom solution for the defense industry? Let Clarion Safety design a customized solution to fit your specific safety needs.

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