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No Running Signs

Aquatic safety isn’t just about what happens in the pool. The pool area matters too. That’s why it’s necessary to call attention to important general safety rules, like “No Running.” Help keep children and adults safe from poolside slips, trips and falls with Clarion’s “No Running” safety signs and safety cones.


As part of Clarion’s pool safety sign system, “No Running” signs and cones inform and remind parents, guardians and swimmers of the need to take this precautionary step which can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

Our pool signage uses symbols that can be understood quickly and across language barriers and color-coding to bring a new and higher level of attention to slip, trip and fall hazards. Make sure your pool area signage is in line with today’s best practices for warnings – to help protect people and fulfill your legal duty to warn.

While we have a variety of sign and cone options available – including options for both indoor and outdoor use – our Customer Service Department will be pleased to assist you with the customization of your signage to better meet your particular pool’s needs.

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