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    Custom NFPA Placard
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    Description: The NFPA placard sign (also known as the NFPA 704 diamond) is used to identify the hazards of materials during emergency response situations. The signs are specifically designed to display the severity of potential hazards including health, flammability, instability and other special hazards. They provide crucial safety information to emergency response personnel so that they can adequately prepare for fires, spills or other situations in a timely manner, reducing potential health risks in the process.

    The Clarion Safety Systems Custom Designer tool allows for several options when creating your custom NFPA placard sign to offer as many design variations as possible. You can select a health hazard level (0-4), a flammability hazard level (0-4) and an instability hazard level (0-4). Special hazard type options include “none,” “alkaline,” “acidic,” “corrosive,” “oxidizing,” “radioactive,” “reacts violently with water” and “reacts violently with water & oxidizing.” Our available placard materials offer good chemical resistance and include white aluminum (BE), white plastic (BJ), indoor polyester and outdoor polyester (ZA). Signs are available in 9” x 9” size and are diamond shaped with red, yellow, white and blue coloring. They are designed to help you meet industry standards, regulations and compliance requirements.

    Ready to design your custom NFPA placard sign? Use our Custom Designer Tool to create your sign to match your exact safety specifications. Custom NFPA placards typically ship within 5 business days, and price breaks are available up to 25 pieces. Additional price breaks are available for orders of 50 or more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the placard sign design process or other queries you may have.

    Signal Word: None

    Corners: .25 radius corners

    Bulk Pricing: Price breaks are available up to 25 pieces. For quantities of 50 or more, reach out to us for additional price breaks.

    Availability: Custom signs typically ship within 5 business days

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