Stay Clear Label (IS6008-)

IS6008-_ _
IS6008-_ _
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Stay Clear Label
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Hazard Type:
Hazard Type:
No Hazard Type
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Stay Clear
No Object
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No Body Part
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When machinery and equipment start up without notice, dangerous accidents can occur. Clarion Safety’s stay clear labels (ITEM# IS6008-) help keep people’s hands and fingers away from pinch points, conveyors, and other equipment-related hazards. Our highly visible automatic startup safety labels are printed on your choice of durable materials, at the size right for your project. These labels are expertly designed to meet your equipment safety needs, including those related to machines that can start without warning or explosion and pressure hazards, making them critical in notifying product users, employees, or visitors of how to stay safe. They are perfectly suited for machinery and equipment applications in a range of demanding industrial climates where high performance and high visibility are required to keep people safe.


Standards and Compliance
Clarion Safety labels are designed in line with the ANSI/ISO standards and can help you meet OSHA requirements. The use of symbols in warnings and instructions is essential to the ISO 3864-2 standards and is encouraged in the ANSI Z535.4 standards. This label uses an internationally recognized ISO 7010-style safety symbol: a prohibition symbol. It features a red circle and slash/black graphical symbol to indicate a prohibited action to avoid a hazard. Have a question about standards, compliance, or visual safety communication best practices? Reach out to us – our in-house, U.S.-based customer service team is standards-trained and standing by.


Message Details
The main elements that make up your label’s message – its format, text/content, and symbols – are important in how the label is noticed and the information is conveyed. This label features:

  • Word Message: No Word Message
  • Signal Word: None
  • Symbol: I6008
  • Symbol Meaning: Stay Clear / No Access  

This label is available in a variety of standard sizes in order to meet your needs. Your label size is determined by factors like the available space for your label, viewing distance, and legibility. If you have questions or need a custom label size, we can help.

Our size options for this label include:

  • Size A: 3.00” x 3.00”
  • Size B: 2.00” x 2.00”
  • Size C: 1.50” x 1.50”
  • Size D: 0.75” x 0.75”

A label’s performance is only as good as the materials that go into its manufacture This label can be printed on your choice of Clarion Safety’s indoor polyester (our ‘P’ material) or outdoor polyester (our ‘B’ material). Both of these standard materials are 3M premium polyesters and are compliant with RoHS, CRoHS, and REACH standards. They’ve been developed and tested to be resistant to abrasive chemical washdowns, water, heat, and strong ultraviolet light. Here are a few more details (please see our material data sheets for additional technical information):

  • Indoor polyester (P): Provides excellent chemical resistance and performs best in temperatures from -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Outdoor polyester (B): Offers excellent chemical resistance and performs well in temperatures from -40 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

If these materials aren’t the right fit, we have a wide range of options available to meet your environment of use needs. We’re here to help!

Quality to Rely on
When you choose Clarion Safety, you get so much more than just a sign, label, sticker, or decal. We provide:

  • Trusted expertise to meet your challenges.
  • High quality for every need and application.
  • Commitment to standards compliance.
  • World-class customer service and support.
  • Short lead times and fast turnarounds.

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