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Workplace Safety Signs

At today's facilities and worksites, signs are critical to effectively communicate safety information and reinforce company policies and training to employees, contractors, and visitors. Compliant with the latest OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards, Clarion's best practice safety signs, tags and markings help facilities reduce risk and protect people.

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OSHA’s new 2013 safety sign regulations are here!

OSHA Sign Standards Update

In September 2013, OSHA updated its regulations to integrate the latest ANSI safety sign and tag technology – technology that better communicates safety in the workplace. Clarion's Resource Guide for Workplace Safety Signs, Labels, Tags and Markings provides the resources needed to understand and implement best practice safety sign systems that meet the latest OSHA regulations.

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Why Clarion for your safety signs and labels?


Trusted by over 10,000 safety and engineering staffs across more than 180 industries. An unmatched, 20+ years of direct experience designing and producing safety signage. Unparalleled knowledge of U.S. and international visual safety communication standards, for absolute compliance with OSHA, ANSI and ISO. Fast turnaround. Quality 3M materials.

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Custom and fully-compliant safety signs, labels and markings – made easy!


With our full range of customization capabilities, Clarion has the unique ability to design, produce and deliver just about any safety sign, label, or marking you need. Our expert compliance specialists stand ready to serve as your design and manufacturing resource so your exact requirements can be accurately communicated, reducing risk and better protecting people from harm.

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