Floor Markings and Decals

Expertly designed to meet your needs in directing and organizing pedestrian traffic, Clarion Safety’s floor markings and decals are an effective, versatile tool to communicate with customers, visitors or staff. When you need to clearly inform others about safety and instructional information, our floor markings – including floor tape, floor signs and decals – offer critical visual cues and reminders.

In addition to providing instructional messaging, floor markings are also used to section off certain areas, identify storage spaces, and highlight hazards. The hazards that they warn about can be serious, ranging from electrical to construction to crush hazards, making clear communication key. Built using durable, high quality materials, our indoor floor markings are simple to understand and provide long lasting use in high traffic environments. The removable adhesive in our floor signs and decals (note that the adhesion of our floor tapes, by contrast, is permanent) allows you to easily rearrange or replace the markings as needed, while the vinyl’s resistant properties offer protection against slips, scuffs, strong chemicals and cleaners – ensuring that your graphics remain blemish-free and professional looking.

Many of Clarion Safety’s products are designed with ANSI and ISO standards-based design elements. Our floor markings are available in a variety of eye-catching colors and are coated with a luster finish. Suitable for use in a variety of industrial and nonindustrial environments, our floor markings are regularly used in offices, medical settings, retail establishments and manufacturing facilities. Trust Clarion Safety to provide the high quality floor marking products you need to properly communicate waiting processes, comply with COVID-19 social distancing measures or meet other visual safety reminder needs.