Safety standards are continually changing. And, here at Clarion, we know how important it is to protect people and your business. You can rely on our full stock of best practice safety labels and signs, with unlimited custom options. Clarion’s safety products are expertly designed to comply with the latest codes and standards – and to meet your specific needs. Choose from our main categories, below – product safety labels, workplace safety signs, water safety signs and custom products – to start browsing our online catalog.

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Safety Labels

Product safety labels play an integral role in your company’s product safety and liability prevention efforts. Compliant with the latest OSHA, ANSI and ISO standards, Clarion’s best practice safety labels can help to protect people from injury or death, decrease the potential for costly lawsuits and prevent issues related to non-compliance with both national and international standards. Our safety labels and markings protect people worldwide from risks associated with nearly every hazard imaginable, from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to wood chippers.


Safety Signs

Effective communication of your facility’s safety messages is critical to maintaining a safe work environment and minimizing liability exposure. Compliance with the latest OSHA, ANSI and ISO standards is important, and it’s what sets Clarion’s signs apart. Our best practice safety signs, tags and markings enable facility owners to create safety sign systems that help reduce risk and protect people. Our leading-edge signage communicates safety information and company policies to employees, contractors and visitors.