Accident Prevention Signs

Clarion’s accident prevention safety signs are designed to give people the information they need to avoid causing accidents that endanger themselves and others. Each sign’s choice of text and symbols has been carefully chosen to concisely communicate the latest OSHA/ANSI Z535 content requirements; signs provide clear information on the nature of the hazard, the consequence of interaction with the hazard, how to avoid the hazard, and the proper seriousness level associated with the hazard. If the content of one of our accident prevention signs is close, but not exactly what you need, have us customize the design; any component can be tailored to meet your specifications.

Are your signs in line with today’s best practices? Download our timeline to see how sign content and design has changed over time - and how your signs measure up.

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At Clarion, we use the three-level system of hazard seriousness defined by the ANSI and ISO standards, and endorsed by OSHA. This properly informs employees, subcontractors and guests about the level of risk associated with each of your potential hazards. DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION – each sign’s signal word designates the likelihood of the accident occurring and whether interaction with the hazard “will” or “could” cause death, serious injury or minor injury.

Older safety signs most often lack the substance that characterizes the new, higher level of safety communication needed in today’s workplaces. For instance, the commonly found “DANGER – High Voltage” sign identifies the hazard but does little to inform the viewer about the consequence of interaction with the hazard or how to avoid the hazard. Are there two sources of power that need to be locked out prior to performing maintenance? Does NFPA 70E-specified arc flash protective equipment need to be worn? Are only trained and authorized personnel allowed to work on the equipment? Providing this higher level of substance is what distinguishes our accident prevention signs from the old-style signage.

When a breakdown in safety communication takes place because a safety sign lacked today’s expected level of content and an accident happens, lawsuits occur. “Failure to warn” and “inadequate warning” allegations are increasingly found in lawsuits against premises owners. Clarion’s standard and customized accident prevention signs are designed to the latest standards to give people the information they need to both understand and avoid potential hazards in today’s public spaces and work environments.