ISO 7010 Symbol Safety Signs

With your overall goal being to communicate safety information about residual risks efficiently and effectively, symbols are a significant factor. They can help to convey and reinforce the description of the hazard, as well as information on the consequence of interaction and how to avoid it. They make messages more noticeable, which human factors experts say is the chief requirement of a warning; after all, if a warning isn’t noticed – and allowed to be heeded – none of its other characteristics will matter. Symbols can communicate label content across language barriers, which can be especially important in our diverse work environments.

Clarion Safety signs are designed in line with the ANSI/ISO standards and can help you meet OSHA requirements. The use of symbols in warnings and instructions is essential to the ISO 3864-2 standards and is encouraged in the ANSI Z535.4 standards. Our safety signs in this category use internationally recognized ISO 7010-style safety symbols that are not only growing in popularity, but are widely recognized and understood.

Our ISO 7010 symbol safety signs use a colored surround shape (a triangle, circle, or square) to define their overall safety function and to make these messages more easily noticed and recognized. According to ISO, there are five types of safety symbols, each with its own defined combination of color, contrast color, and shape:

  • Warning: A black-banded yellow triangle with a black symbol that signifies a potential hazard and encourages cautionary procedures.
  • Mandatory: A blue circle with a white symbol to indicate the requirement for a specific action to be taken.
  • Prohibition: A black symbol behind a red circle with a slash that is used to instruct staff when certain behaviors or actions are not allowed.
  • Safety Equipment/Safe Condition: A green square with a white symbol is used to indicate the location of first aid and health kits, as well as emergency exits.
  • Fire Equipment/Action: A red square with a white symbol that serves as a quick way to identify fire exits and equipment locations.

Clarion Safety’s ISO 7010 symbol safety signs are designed to provide important information needed to help avoid accidents, protect from fire, and notify about health hazards and emergency evacuations. Each sign’s format and symbols has been carefully chosen to provide clear, standards-based content. The goal: giving people the information they need to understand and avoid potential hazards in today’s public spaces and work environments – helping to avoid accidents as well as decrease liability exposure.

We create these signs with long-lasting and durable indoor/outdoor vinyl material, in varying shapes and sizes. If the content of one of our ISO 7010 signs is close, but not exactly what you need, have us customize the design; any component can be tailored to meet your specifications. Reach out to our team for help or use our online custom design tool.