Pool Safety Signs

When it comes to your water safety program, signs are a critical element in keeping swimmers safe from harm and in helping to fulfill your legal duty to warn. The challenge is that most pool signs in use today don’t comply with the latest standards-based best practices for hazard communication. Clarion’s pool safety sign system uses state-of-the-art graphical symbols, color, language and special formatting to communicate the most serious water safety hazards like no other signage on the market today. Products in the sign system include tabletop placards, signs for front gates, signs for locker rooms, signs for use at poolside and safety cones.

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Pool Safety Sign Checklist

Though often installed in plain sight, the typical text-only pool safety sign goes unnoticed. Its ad hoc assortment of written warnings does little to call attention to the safety messages that need to be followed in pool environments – messages meant to avoid possible disasters. Tragic accidents occur when water safety signs go unheeded; consider the potential outcome of a child left unattended, a non-swimmer not wearing a life vest, someone diving into shallow water or a safety rule being ignored.

If you’re tasked with safety at your pool, your responsibility is to warn people of potential hazards associated with the environment under your care. Your premises liability prevention and defense will only be as good as the measures you take to eliminate potential hazards and, when hazards cannot be eliminated or guarded, your ability to inform and instruct people on how to avoid them.

That’s where Clarion’s water safety signs provide you with a means to accomplish this goal. Our ANSI and ISO-compliant water safety sign system redefines visual safety communication for the aquatic industry worldwide – from hotels and resorts to recreational and sports facilities to community pools, our signs are calling attention to critical, industry-defined risks associated with serious injury or death. These warning signs not only convey potential hazards, they establish clear preventative behavior expectations for viewers to obey.

Why Choose Clarion’s Signs?
Our powerful pool safety sign system offers:

  • Compliance with the latest ANSI and ISO safety sign standards
  • The ONLY sign system on the market tested by viewers and proven to be quickly recognized and easily understood
  • Designs developed by leading experts in safety standards, signage and aquatics, including Clarion’s founder, Geoffrey Peckham, and renowned aquatic safety expert, Dr. Tom Griffiths
  • The use of graphical symbols for immediate noticeability and more universal comprehension
  • Repetition of messages to communicate the most important water safety messages at various critical points
  • The ability to be tailored to meet your specific requirements
  • The ability to communicate to multi-national audiences with signs available in English, Spanish and bilingual English/Spanish – as well as customization options in over 30 different languages

Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents and Lawsuits

What are the key liability issues when it comes to pool safety – and how do safety signs help? Learn more about pool safety and our standards-compliant safety sign product line that uses a systems approach to help prevent water safety accidents and provides best practice duty-to-warn for pool owners.