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What drives us? Protecting people from harm while reducing business risk for our customers. Product safety labels and facility signs aren't just a last line of defense. Together with Clarion, discover a better way to warn.

Clarion always goes above and beyond, from design all the way to production. Their exceptional knowledge of safety label standards has proven them to be a trusted advisor.
Chad Dean, Schneider Electric

For GGB Bearing Technology, safety is a strong core value. GGB chose Clarion as their partner in implementing a best practice safety sign system using the latest risk communication technology. Read More


Clarion’s products are expertly designed to comply with the latest codes and best practice ANSI/ISO standards.
And we’re ready to meet your specific needs with flexibility and ease.

  • Product Safety Labels

    Product Safety Labels

    Our best practice safety labels protect people worldwide from risks associated with nearly every hazard, from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to wood chippers.
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  • Workplace Safety Signs

    Facility Safety Signs

    Our leading-edge facility safety warning signs, tags and markings communicate safety information and company policies to employees, contractors and visitors.
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  • Water Safety Signs

    Water Safety Signs

    Our water safety sign systems are expertly designed to comply with the latest standards and help fulfill your legal duty to warn at pools, beaches and waterparks.
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Our product portfolio extends beyond our online catalog. See our product linecard for details!

Product linecard

Professional Services

We’re your partner in safety. Take advantage of our exclusive services designed to benefit your product and workplace safety needs.

Social Media

We see social media as an opportunity to promote a better understanding of today’s best practices for visual safety and risk communication.
Connect with us for as-it-happens industry conversations and trends.

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5 Common Product Safety Label Issues to Avoid

Consistency is key for your product safety labels – but we frequently uncover issues related to lack of consistency during the label assessment services that we provide. Why is consistency so important? The reason we standardize visual safety communication, including the design principles and symbols that make up product safety labels, is to have consistency.

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Why choose a Clarion safety label assessment?

Our assessments can help improve safety, reduce liability risk and open global markets for your products. Learn More

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