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We're committed to being your partner every step of the way, in line with your specific needs - including risk assessments throughout your product's lifecycle, specifying safety requirements like machine guarding, best practices for manuals and warnings, litigation support and more.

Manage Product Safety, Customer Resources, and Training Information

The Clarion Safety team works with you to create your personalized ClarionAccess® platform, built to your brand and product specifications. The platform is accessible on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We also provide a 'smart' QR code label to apply to your machine for instant access to the platform when the label is scanned.

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Who We Are

Clarion Safety is at the forefront of product and workplace safety communication, leading the best practice ANSI and ISO standards in these areas for over three decades. We design and produce product safety labels and facility safety signage – along with offering complementary solutions and services like safety and risk assessments – to identify hazards and mitigate risks.

More About Us
  1. Standardized Safety Symbols

    Browse and select from thousands of safety symbols to add to your warnings that are designed with ANSI, ISO, OSHA, NFPA, and other regulatory measures in mind. No matter the type of symbol or warning you’re looking for – our experts can help!

  2. Hazard Communication Label & Sign Expertise

    Our top priority is to provide engineers and workplace safety professionals with health and safety warning labels and signs that meet their standards and compliance requirements for hazard classification and labeling. Whenever there’s the potential presence of a hazard, a visual warning system can help.

  3. Custom Compliance Options

    When it comes to the general safety of your machines and workplaces, safety labels and signs often need to be customized to the situation at hand. We’re here to help. Our customer service team has extensive ANSI and ISO training to ensure they can guide your safety sign and label choices in line with your needs and the latest standards.

  4. Optimized Warning Systems

    Machinery and workplaces require more than one safety measure to minimize potentially hazardous situations and warn of residual risks. There’s so much more involved than just printing safety stickers. Our team helps you look at risk and warnings holistically – from risk assessments, hazard labels, and manuals to EH&S safeguarding, risk assessment programs, and safety signage.