Apply Best Practices to Your Visual Safety Communication

Reducing Risk and Protecting People

With over 30 years of safety standards leadership, we have unparalleled knowledge of national and international best practices and codes to meet specific regulatory requirements, from OSHA, ANSI and ISO to WEEE, RoHS and REACH. When it comes to quality, rest assured that our products are made in the U.S.A., we’re a registered ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, and we offer top 3M materials.


Rely on our safety labels, signs, tags and custom printing solutions – from asset management to ID to branding – for the most effective communication on your equipment and in your workplace. Clarion Safety products are expertly designed in line with today’s latest best practices – and are fully customizable to meet your precise needs.


We’re a full-service visual safety company. We specialize in a range of complementary services for product and workplace safety risk reduction – from customized warnings to product kits to safety and risk assessments. We’re ready to help you reduce business risk and protect people.

Customization Services

Communicating safety and instructional messages that protect people from harm often involves customization. We specialize in partnering on fast, easy and precise customization – to meet your needs and today’s best practices.

Custom options include:

  • Formats and content
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Symbols and illustrations
  • Specialized materials
  • Metalphoto®
  • URLs and QR codes
  • Military-grade solutions
  • Translations in 30+ languages
  • Industrial engraving
  • Variable data
  • Screen printing
  • Graphic overlays

To get started, use our online customizers. Or, work with our team through a guided, hands-on approach by reaching out at 1-844-829-1299 or

Label Assessments

With a label assessment, get a better understanding of today’s safety communication best practices and learn tangible ways to optimize your label program. The result: more effective labels and the potential for cost savings due to consolidating warnings.

Get your free, personalized label assessment now – free of charge and with no strings attached!

We’ll work with you to:

  • Evaluate your current labels
  • Review the latest OSHA, ANSI and ISO standards
  • Consider label materials and environment of use
  • Provide best practice recommendations
  • Discuss design solutions – with no obligation
ANSI Video

Watch a 2-minute video with more details
on our safety label assessment process!

Introducing ClarionAccess®

Our digital safety and management solution, ClarionAccess®, provides one central location for all product information, available instantly to your end users by scanning a QR code label on your product. The result: reduced liability risk, increased business efficiency, and better customer safety and satisfaction.


Introducing Clarion Safety Assessment

Clarion Assessment

There are so many elements involved in bringing a safe, compliant piece of equipment or machinery to market. Our Clarion Safety Assessment team is here to help identify, remedy and prevent issues in your product safety strategy. We offer:

  Check Mark Machine risk assessments
  Check Mark Warnings and label reviews
  Check Mark Product safety consulting

Sign Assessments

Signage isn’t just a way to check the box on OSHA’s requirements. It can help you meet and exceed your safety goals and risk objectives. When you choose signs that are up-to-date with today’s ANSI and ISO best practices, you’re moving towards a safer, more productive work environment.

OSHA currently only stipulates minimal requirements – the most basic level – for sign content and design. These simplified formats are common in today’s workplaces, but they’re not your only choice.

OSHA Style Signage
OSH Image

Meets OSHA Minimum Only

Best Practice Version
Hot Sign

Meets OSHA, ANSI and ISO
Provides Full Hazard Information
Uses Graphical Symbols
No Added Cost!

Maximize safety now with a personalized sign assessment – free of charge and with no strings attached!
Our best practice recommendation offers additional, critical detail for your safety signs, as they contain the latest criteria for state-of-the-art warnings. Clarion Safety specializes in designing safety signs that are not only compliant with OSHA, but use the latest ANSI and ISO warnings technology.

Rush Order Services

Need your order as soon as possible? Not a problem! For your convenience, we offer the option to ‘fast track’ your purchase – typically providing a 24-hour turnaround time. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to meeting your needs in expediting your order.

Rush Order

Translation Services

With today’s global economy and diverse workplaces, multilingual safety labels and signs are the right choice for many product manufacturers and workplaces. You can easily and precisely translate your message with Clarion Safety’s expertise. Our translation services include:

  • Expert, accurate translations that consider context, the nature of the hazard and regional dialects
  • A diverse translation capability of 30+ languages
  • A variety of formatting options including:
    • Foreign language: a separate foreign language version of a label or sign
    • Add-on foreign language: a translated version of a label or sign message, for placement beside the English version
    • Multilingual: combines English with one or more foreign languages onto a single safety label or sign

Kitting Services

Our kitting services – which can improve both efficiency and safety – are a customer favorite! Here’s how it works: all the labels or signs needed for a specific product or facility location arrive to you as one complete package. That means you’re able to:

  • Simplify ordering and inventory management. You’ll have one part number to inventory and order, instead of many individual signs or labels.
  • Efficiently select and apply or install your labels and signs. This can increase safety, helping to guarantee that the installation team doesn’t miss applying one or more messages. For labeling, it can also support on-time shipment of your products, ensuring all labels for specific projects are in inventory when you need them.



Staying safe means staying up to date. When you have questions, we’re here with answers. Explore our resources, which are constantly refreshed with news, trends and insight. Whether your interest is equipment safety, environmental health and safety, or aquatics, we have you covered.

Learning Center

Safety Label Resource Information Experience

Key topics of interest for engineers and product manufacturers, such as on-product liability and warnings, proper content for ANSI Z535 safety labels and specific standards information for both U.S. and international markets – from arc flash code compliance to GHS labeling to WEEE/ROHS directives.

Safety Sign Resource Information Experience

Key topics of interest for facility owners, such as OSHA's workplace safety sign regulation updates, proper content of an OSHA/ANSI safety sign and specific standards information for both U.S. and international markets – from PPE training and compliance to egress/escape safety to forklift pathmarking.

Water Safety Sign Resource Information Experience

Key topics of interest for aquatic facility owners, water safety professionals and other stakeholders. Learn about liability issues, and best practice, standards-compliant safety signs and water safety sign systems for all types of aquatic facilities, swimming pools, beaches and waterparks.

Clarion Safety Systems Blog

What's new at Clarion, industry news, and everyday insight on how we are reducing risk and protecting people.

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ANSI Z535 in Focus: Update from the Latest Committee Meeting
Clarion Safety and ANSI: Advancing Safety Together Standardization in visual safety communication is critical in order to provide a framework for presenting safety and accident prevention information in a consistent, uniform way.

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"ANSI Standards in Safety Signs and Labels"

assessment Video

Clarion Safety Systems explains how the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z535 standards use colors and signal words to convey severity levels on safety signs, labels, tags and markings.

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Our Company

Risks are everywhere: at work, on products and in public places. With precise communication, people can better understand the dangers at hand, and stay safe. While many safety companies tout their know-how, a large portion of today’s warnings aren’t up-to-date with best practices, from material choice to symbols to format. With our experience and unparalleled credentials, we’re your trusted partner in safety.

Our Mission:

At Clarion Safety, our mission is to protect people from harm while reducing business risk for our customers. Get to know us better by watching our short video on effective safety communication.

Label Assessment Video

To maximize safety and minimize risk, you need a partner with the experience and flexibility to deliver best practice, compliant solutions based on your specific situation, budget and business objectives. That partner is Clarion Safety.

Our Experience

Robotic Arm

Clarion Safety is in a unique position to supply product manufacturers, workplaces and public areas with the most up-to-date, standards compliant safety signs, labels, tags and markings. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve helped to write the U.S. and international standards you want to meet. We’ve been long-term leaders in the best practice ANSI and ISO standards that are striving to create consistency in this field – and we use that knowledge to collaborate with our customers to warn as effectively as possible.

Learn more about our standards credentials, certifications and accolades.

Our Value

Safety is about so much more than purchasing items from a catalog or checking services off a list. We build authentic relationships with our clients, for the best possible service, cost structures and outcomes. Count on us for:

  • Trusted expertise to meet your challenges
  • Commitment to standards compliance
  • World-class customer service and support
  • Short lead times and fast turnarounds
  • High quality for every need and application

Proof Points

We’re committed to safer products and workplaces. And it’s shown through our exceptional quality – and proven results. One example: with 15,000+ clients and nearly 100 million signs and labels in use, zero have had warnings-based allegations brought against them. Learn more about the proof points supporting our core values: expertise, guidance, service and partnership.

Case Studies

We’re passionate about keeping people safe from harm. It’s all about making the world a safer place. Take a look for yourself at our innovative sign and label systems in action. Check out our featured case study below - or visit our full library of case studies for more information.

Case Studies

How a Manufacturer Improved Compliance – and Saved $3K
Clarion Safety collaborated with a globally selling equipment manufacturer to optimize their product’s label program, bringing them up to speed with ANSI/ISO standards and consolidating labels for efficiency and cost-savings.
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