Security Signs

In the last two decades, safety and security have become part of the same discipline for most companies. They share a common goal: to keep your people and facility safe from harm. Clarion signs in this category clearly inform people of your company’s health, safety and security policies. Unlike any other signs on the market, our security and company policy signs utilize the latest OSHA, ANSI and ISO formats, color-coding and symbols to convey your intended messages in a state-of-the-art manner.

Most security and company policy signs go unnoticed because they’re text-based signs that blend into the background of all of the notices people see on a daily basis. This is a problem. If your security or company safety policy signs go unnoticed, there’s no chance that they’ll be able to do their job to communicate your rules.

Clarion’s signs are different. Our intelligent designs incorporate eye-catching graphical symbols to both enhance noticeability and promote understanding – at a glance.

A central function of your security and company policy signs is to define the access privileges for every area of your site, both inside and outside your buildings. Our signs clearly tell employees and visitors their messages, including which doors to use, what sign-in policies are required, which areas of the site are only for authorized personnel, general company safety policies and specific safety procedures.

As with all of our safety signs, our design department will be pleased to customize your security and company policy signs to meet your exact requirements.