Fire Safety Signs

To help prevent fires and to ensure access to critical information in the event of a fire, effective communication is key. Clarion Safety’s fire safety signs use the latest best practice ANSI and ISO designs to create complete safety systems for fire prevention and mitigation.

We offer Danger and Notice signs related to flammable materials as well as an extensive line of fire equipment location signs to inform employees and fire intervention forces about the location of firefighting equipment. OSHA requires fire extinguisher identification signs so the location of all of your facility’s portable fire extinguishers can be quickly identified. Our signs incorporate the NFPA-adopted, internationally-recognized ISO symbols for locating fire equipment because we understand your job is to communicate life safety effectively — and to an increasingly global workforce.

For fire equipment location signs, you can choose our fail-safe photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) material so that your fire equipment can be easily found in light or dark conditions. In lights-off crisis situations, photoluminescent signs function to provide visible clues to interior spaces and in doing so, supplement your egress pathmarking system to guide people to safety.