Exit Signs

Exit signs are a critical factor in quickly and easily guiding people to safety in fires and other emergency situations. Clarion Safety’s UL-approved photoluminescent EXIT signs are a fail-safe means to mark exit doors. These signs don’t need electrical power so even in power-out conditions, they fully function. The photoluminescent material used in these signs is charged by ambient light from surrounding light fixtures – only five foot-candles of light are needed for charging. Benefits include no batteries to constantly check/change, no wiring, easy installation and savings on your facility’s electric bills. Note that these signs have been fully tested by UL to meet all applicable NFPA and IBC building code requirements.

Clarion Safety also carries a full line of anodized aluminum frames to fit our UL-approved photoluminescent EXIT signs. Each frame comes complete with backing board, mounting screws and/or wall mounting adhesive foam tabs for long-lasting, quality installation. Choose between single-sided and double-sided frame options.

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