A Customized Solution to Identify Lab Hazards and PPE Requirements

By Bethany Stadelmann | 19th Mar 2015

In areas where hazardous materials are in use, like laboratory environments, it’s important to communicate proper procedures for a safer workplace. Here at Clarion, we have a unique, state-of-the-art sign system that can help accomplish this task. Our lab door sign product provides the flexibility to identify specific hazards and conditions in different lab environments, as well as PPE requirements. Placed on or next to lab doors, these quick-tailored safety signs keep staff informed and provide critical data for emergency responders.

lab door sign

Here’s what our lab door sign delivers:

  • Flexible display framework to allow messages (including type and length of content) to be adapted to suit varying environments, while still providing an organized, consistent look when placing multiple signs across workplace locations.
  • Individual, pull-out component slots to allow for easy and economical updates without having to replace the full display.
  • Compliance expertise to ensure best practice messaging that is ANSI and ISO standards-compliant.
  • Fully customizable messaging that can be tailored to fit the specifications of virtually any lab environment.
  • Architectural aluminum frame with concealed fasteners (mounting holes and adhesive strips) to provide an attractive display of critical lab information.

To see our lab door sign system in action, take a look at our  quick, 1-minute video.

For more information on our lab door sign product or other customized Clarion solutions to meet your specific requirements,  contact us today!