Safety Labels

Safety labels play a critical role in communicating safety and hazard information on today’s products and machinery. Compliant with the latest OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards, Clarion Safety’s best practice safety labels can help to protect people from injury or death, decrease the potential for costly lawsuits and prevent issues related to non-compliance with both national and international standards.

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Product safety labels play an integral role in your company’s product safety and liability prevention efforts. Most often, their job is to inform and remind workers about potential hazards and how to avoid them. Each label is part of a system – a hazard communication system – that provides visual alerts to those who install, operate, and maintain your products during their useful life. And, following that, there’s another type of safety label that provides information to those responsible for your product’s safe disposal.

The key, here, is that your system of product safety warning labels must be tailored to match the safety communication needs of your product, take into account the characteristics of the people you are communicating with, and comply with the latest safety label standards for your market. If your labels fail in any one of these three areas, safety communication and compliance will not be optimal. If your product safety labels are deficient in any of these areas, there may be an increased risk of accidents and your company will unnecessarily experience greater exposure to lawsuits based on allegations of ‘failure to warn’ and ‘inadequate warnings.’

When hazards cannot be eliminated by design, well-designed safety labels will reinforce your product’s safety devices (such as guards or interlocks), alerting users to both guarded and unguarded hazards. Clarion Safety’s labels use the latest graphical symbols to convey your safety messages quickly and across language barriers to warn workers accordingly.

Why Clarion?

When you choose our safety labels, you get:

  • Hundreds of stock designs to choose – from personal safety to arc flash to crush hazards
  • Hands-on expertise backed by 25 years of direct experience
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the U.S. and international standards and codes
  • Customized options – for the specific size, material, or language you need
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Quality 3M materials

Effective Safety Symbols, Signs and Labels

What are the key elements to consider when it comes to your safety labels? Learn more about the use of safety symbols, formatting, and the importance of using best practice standards – straight from the experts at Clarion Safety!