Safety Label Ordering Considerations

Order Quantities
There are several factors to consider when defining the quantities to order for each of your safety labels. First and foremost is the number of each label you need for each product. Various viewing positions and distances may require you to place several of the same label on each product in various locations.

A second consideration is shelf life. All Clarion Safety safety labels are shipped in high quality 4 mil. zip-lock sealed bags for improved storage. The high-quality permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives used on our labels will yield best results when the labels are applied within four years of purchase. Still, we recommend you set your reorder points at eighteen months so your label inventory is always fresh. Note that once applied to your product, the label should be good for a very long time. The notation that your Clarion Safety labels have a four year label shelf life has to do with maintaining the flow characteristics of the label’s adhesive needed for good installation, not the label’s lifespan after it has been properly installed. View Clarion Safety's label application instructions to learn more.

Reorder Numbers
Clarion Safety's safety labels have reorder numbers printed on them so that you can easily implement reorder procedures for yourself or your customers. The reorder number on the lower right corner indicates the design number, size specification and material combination Clarion Safety used in its manufacture. As the product manufacturer, we highly recommend you include all of your safety labels’ reorder numbers in your parts catalogs and operation manuals so your customers can easily reorder them should they become damaged or illegible. Also include label cleaning and replacement (application) instructions. In this way, you’ll have given your customers the tools they need to order and replace damaged labels as necessary.

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