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Why Clarion?


Why Choose Clarion for Your Safety Signs, Labels and Markings?
When you ask our customers that question, they’ll tell you it’s for our unmatched expertise and world-class service.

While many providers may tout their standards awareness, a large portion of the safety signs, labels and markings in use today fail to take advantage of current best practices. At Clarion, we combine our comprehensive knowledge of the latest standards and codes with our practical experience in applying them across a vast array of industries. Our clients benefit from having up-to-date safety signage that helps keep their people and/or product users safe from harm, and their companies better protected from litigation.

Clarion is well-recognized as the leading company in our field. We’re committed to putting that knowledge into practice by being your company’s partner and best resource for safety signs, labels and markings that help to reduce risk and protect people. Meeting and exceeding your expectations with our commitment to quality is a given here at Clarion. When lives are on the line, there’s no room for anything less.

Our strong and growing business offers you:

  • The cutting-edge in communicating safety: Working with the recognized world leader in the field of visual safety, you can rest assured that you have as-it-happens access to leading best practices. Clarion specializes in bringing companies up-to-date with the latest warnings technology – and keeping them there.
  • Confidence in compliance: Whether your products’ markets or your facilities are domestic or international in scope, Clarion’s knowledge of national and global standards will help you to choose safety sign and label formats that best meet your compliance requirements.
  • Durability done right: When it comes to safety, there is no tolerance for a label falling off or a sign fading. Our long-standing, high level relationship with 3M, combined with our state-of-the-art digital print technologies and 25+ year history of supplying customers in 180+ industries with safety signs and labels that hold up to nearly every type of environment, makes our products second to none.
  • Service to rely on: Our commitment to high-quality service and operational excellence means that we deliver on-time – all the time. With in-house customer service, design and manufacturing all centralized at our facility in Milford, PA, we are your company’s responsive vendor for safety signs and labels.
  • Custom solutions to meet your every need – and market: We have the resources and know-how to meet unique applications with custom products – any size, format, material or language. Our expert compliance specialists are your resource, working hand in hand with you to ensure your requirements are met so risk can be accurately and effectively communicated.

Why Does Clarion Choose to Do What We Do?
Over nearly three decades, we’ve taken the lead, devoted the time, and made successful outcomes happen for many, many standards-based safety sign and label initiatives. Ask us why, and it’s an easy answer! We’ve done this so we can help our customers to make the world a safer place – so people can return safely home from their work, from shopping, from vacations. That’s our passion: keeping people safe from harm.

Here are a few snapshots of what we’ve done – and why we’re so passionate about our work!

Clarion’s CEO chaired the New York City 9/11 expert taskforce that defined the new evacuation marking systems that are now used in thousands of the city’s skyscrapers.
WHY? For us, creating safer buildings is part of what we do… creating effective exit pathway marking systems so people can evacuate quickly in a crisis fits our overall mission of protecting people from harm.

Clarion designed a new sign system to communicate safety at the country’s beaches – including the oceans and Great Lakes – to make them safer for visitors, who come from all around the world.
WHY? For us, it’s more than just protecting people at work…It’s about helping to keep adults and children free from harm when they enjoy life while on vacation.

Clarion’s warnings are used on hundreds of thousands of machines found in industries throughout the world.
WHY? Machinery and processes can pose life-threatening situations when people are uninformed about safety. We’re committed to helping our customers ensure that the people in their facilities and the people who use their products go home safely to their families each night, with their lives and livelihoods intact.

Clarion donated design services to help make shopping carts safer.
WHY? When we learned how many infants and small children were severely injured or killed each year in shopping cart accidents, we volunteered our time and safety label design expertise to the ASTM committee responsible for shopping cart safety. The project was to improve, and then standardize, a better design for the warning that appears on every shopping cart’s flip-down seat. We accomplished the task by creating a graphic-based warning that tells adults to strap in their children, never leave them unattended, and NEVER place a child in an infant carrier or car seat on top of the cart! Severe head trauma and/or death is too often the result when an occupied car seat or infant carrier falls off a shopping cart. Our efforts are helping to keep these tragedies from happening.

Clarion has volunteered thousands of hours to help write the U.S. and global standards related to safety signs, labels and markings.
WHY? National and international standards set the bar for the state-of-the-art best practices for whatever topic they address. This is incredibly true for the standards that apply safety signs, labels and markings since they form the basis for codes, regulations and legal definitions for “adequate warnings.” Our long-term dedication to writing and revising the standards in our field is our way of giving back. You see, as a company, we’re working with the finest safety professionals in so many industries, making their products and facilities safer, that we have unparalleled application experience in the use of the standards in our field. Sharing this knowledge to improve the standards written by committees at ANSI, ISO, NFPA, UL®, OSHA – wherever safety needs to be visually communicated – helps to achieve our overall goal of making the world a safer place.

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