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The seasoned, certified safety engineers at Machine Safety Specialists (MSS) help EH&S personnel (from safety teams to controls engineers to plant managers) understand and comply with safety regulations – making straightforward and unbiased recommendations to improve safety. We bring expert knowledge of needs for complex machinery and across multiple industries and industrial applications. That includes industrial robots/“COBOTS”/automated machinery, fluid power safety systems, and functional safety (control reliable) systems.

Get to know a snapshot of our services, offered with both on-site and remote options and tailored to your organization’s unique needs, below – or visit MSS’ website for more details.

    • For U.S.-based companies, a written workplace hazard assessment is required by law; in section 1910.132(d)(2), OSHA mandates a workplace hazard analysis to be performed. Without a risk assessment in place, you’re not only in violation of this, you also may be failing to safeguard your employees and your company’s liability. Our seasoned, TÜV certified safety engineers can guide you through your risk assessment options, in order to help increase safety, fulfill this OSHA requirement, and follow today’s ANSI/RIA and ISO best practice standards, including ANSI B11.0, ANSI Z244.1, ANSI B11.19, ANSI B155.1, ANSI / RIA R15.06, and NFPA 79. We specialize in assessments for fixed industrial machinery, fixed power lab equipment, automated and custom industrial machinery, and robotics and machine tools. Our machine risk assessment programs will:

    • Provide on-site and remote risk assessments and machine safeguarding audits of industrial machinery to OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RIA, and applicable ISO and IEC/EN standards.
    • Identify applicable U.S. or local regulations and standards that apply to your specific machinery.
    • Perform a gap analysis of the machinery to the applicable standards.
    • Perform a risk assessment in accordance with ANSI B11.0 or ISO 12100 that includes client input and recommends practical risk reduction measures.
    • Provide a detailed machine safety report that includes observations, risk levels and options to meet or exceed safety guidelines.

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    • Preparing individualized machine safeguarding plans and specifications for your machine or manufacturing process can be a challenge. Knowing that your staff is fully trained on how to safely operate all machines, how to spot hazards in the facility, and how to properly use safety devices in case of an emergency is crucial to prevent avoidable accidents and injuries. Safeguarding plans are also helpful in communicating technical details to subcontractors – such as fabricators, integrators, and construction companies – who design and install the machine safeguarding systems.

      Our team at MSS can have you prepared for your corporate safety, insurance, and OSHA inspections with a comprehensive machine safeguarding plan completed by our TÜV certified functional safety engineers and reviewed by our licensed professional engineers. Our machine safeguarding plans (often coincides with a risk assessment, as it forms the basis of design for machine safeguarding systems) will:

    • Display the required safety devices, locations, and safety layout of the machine(s).
    • Include specific engineering details, such as required logic, sequence of operations, specifications, and installation details.
    • Include mechanical safeguarding requirements such as barrier guards, interlocked guards, perimeter fences, interlocked gates, etc. Typical electrical diagrams showing required safety circuits, including control reliable (ISO 13849 Cat. 2 or 3, PL d or PL e) functional safety circuits are also included.

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    • In the U.S., functional safety (such as ‘interlocks’ and safety devices) and control reliability are essential concepts for increasing safety and in fulfilling OSHA’s “Minor Servicing Exception” for lockout/tagout. Internationally, there are also tie-ins and compliance implications with ISO/IEC standards and CE marking for machinery.
      With our safety verification and validation services, our experienced safety engineers at MSS apply our specialized knowledge and real-world experience to your application, verifying compliance with regulatory requirements and validating machine safety functions. Conducted in the form of a functional safety review, our engineers conduct control liability design reviews with clear guidance on meeting standards – often based on your drawings and Bills of Materials. Both our Control Reliability and SISTEMA Analysis reports can be performed remotely and off site, and are conducted by our TÜV certified safety engineers. Our Control Reliability/Functional Safety Design Review service includes an engineering review of system drawings and technical information to see if a system is control reliable in accordance with OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA standards.
      The SISTEMA Analysis and Report is a quantitative analysis of the machines functional safety system and calculations are based off of safety-related devices observed in customer supplied documentation. These safety solutions in functional safety are among our most popular options, but our team at MSS also offers additional solutions to meet your specific needs, including:
    • Stop Time Measurement Reports
    • Validation Plans
    • Validation Testing Reports

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    • In addition to in depth machine reviews and assessments, we also offer instructor-led training on site, online, and in e-learning courses to help empower and protect your team. These are designed to help you learn about advanced machine safety issues for automated machinery, including risk assessment, OSHA requirements, functional safety/control reliability, and the application of ISO/EN safety standards. Our experts at MSS will properly train your staff on all things machine safety, helping you to transform your safety culture and preventing your company from having to pay for negligence in the future. Our training courses are available in the forms of:
    • 1 Day Training
    • 1.5 Day Training w/ Workshop
    • Technical Sessions
    • On-line (Video conference)
    • On-site

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The Clarion Safety and MSS teams are ready to help solve your machine safety, guarding, risk assessment, and safety training needs. Whether you need to improve machine safety after an injury or citation or would like to proactively prevent injuries and reduce risk, we provide clear answers and specific, practical safeguarding recommendations. For your convenience, we can work on-site or remote, depending on your preferences. With our solutions, you’ll know exactly what’s needed to make your machinery compliant and safe – with a level of detail and clarity not offered by similar providers.

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