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Machine Safety & Risk Assessment Training Programs

Understanding your risk and liability is essential to good business practices. With our training programs, you’ll get clear, detailed safeguarding answers for today’s highly automated machinery. We offer on-site and online options, tailored to your company’s safety needs.

All too often, organizations don’t adhere to OSHA’s guidelines until it’s too late – “too late” meaning they’re being sued by an employee because of a workplace-related injury due to negligence or they’re receiving a fine on behalf of OSHA because of improper safety precautions. Some of these regulations and standards may seem trivial and meticulous, but they’re created with a purpose: to keep people safe.  Allow our experts at Machine Safety Specialists (MSS), a Clarion Safety System's subsidiary, to properly train your staff on all things machine safety and prevent you from having to pay for negligence in the future.

We provide a variety of training programs to empower and protect your team. Our training covers advanced machine safety issues for automated machinery, including OSHA nuances, control reliability and functional safety, application of ISO safety standards, risk reduction, risk management, and liability considerations.


We offer on-site, instructor-led training programs and online instructor-led training programs – as well as a two-day live, online instructor-led training class.

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Training Presented by our Subsidiary - Machine Safety Specialists

Led by Engineers who are TÜV Rheinland Certified, Licensed Professional Engineers, and Certified FS Engineers

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In the Spotlight: Two-Day Live, Online Machine Safety & Risk Assessment Training Class

In our live, online training courses, safety professionals, technical personnel, engineers and managers will develop and understanding of the latest OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RIA (industrial and collaborative robots) and ISO/EN requirements for industrial machine safety and risk assessment. The topics for our 2 day machine safety training are as follows:

Day 1

  • Why improve machine safety?
  • OSHA Basics of machine guarding (abbreviated)
  • Hierarchy of controls w/ examples
  • Hazard recognition: Basics, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Introduction to Control Reliability, Category 3 circuits, and guard interlocks
  • OSHA 1910.147 / ANSI Z244.1 (minor servicing exception to LOTO)
  • Introduction to Industrial and Collaborative Robot Safety: OSHA / RIA 15.06

Day 2

  • U.S Machine Safety Standards (abbreviated) (continued)
  • NFPA 79 – Emergency Stop Requirements
  • Comparison of US and ISO/EU machine safety standards
  • ANSI B11.0 – Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment System
  • Risk Factors: Severity, Exposure, Probability
  • Risk Assessment spreadsheet tool overview

Technical Breakout Sessions

If you liked our Machine Safety Standards and Risk Assessment training, you’d love these technical breakout sessions, typically available the day after our live online training, but also by request for on-site and custom team sessions.  Each session goes more in-depth on the topics listed below and allows additional time for Q/A and discussion on these technical subjects!

  • This session provides advanced training showing U.S. and ISO requirements for operating powered industrial machinery with exposure to hazards with guards removed or bypassed.
  • Includes an overview of industrial robot safety requirements in accordance with ANSI/RIA 15.06 (ISO 10218) and ANSI/RIA TR 15.306. This presentation goes into more detail than the general safety training course.
  • Includes an overview of collaborative robot safety requirements in accordance with RIA TR R15.606 (ISO/TS 15066). This presentation goes into more detail than the general safety training course.
  • Overview of ANSI B11.26 for technical personnel including engineers, technicians, and Sr. maintenance personnel. Includes recommendations and requirements for functional safety systems including fluid power safety systems (hydraulics and pneumatics).

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Looking for More Specific or Personalized Safety Training?

MSS provides a variety of training courses to empower and protect your team. We offer custom, instructor-led training online and on-site.

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