Safety Label, Sign and Tag Sizes and Shapes

Choosing the right size and shape for your warning or instructional message – whether it’s a label, sign or tag – involves careful consideration. Viewing distance, legibility and available space must all be considered. Lengthy word messages, multiple symbols and labels with more than one language typically require more space.

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At Clarion Safety, we’re here to help you find the right label sign and tag sizes and shapes for your application. We offer a variety of standard sizes and shapes, and nearly unlimited custom options. From 3 inch diameter circular labels to 18 by 12 inch rectangle signs – and all sorts of variations in between – let us help you maximize safety.

Standard Safety Label Sizes and Shapes




Standard Safety Sign Sizes and Shapes




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For more information on sizes and shapes for your labels, signs and tags – or our custom options to create unique sizes and shapes – please reach out to us today so we can help.