Specific Voltage and Fuse Labels

Clarion Safety's specific voltage and fuse labels use the latest best practice ANSI and ISO designs to help create safety systems for electrical hazard prevention.

Most non-battery-operated products operate from an external voltage source. If the voltage source is higher or lower than the product operating voltage, the product could overheat and damage the product safeguards. This is why the operating voltage must be marked on your products so that the connection is to a voltage source within the product operating voltage range. A product’s electrical voltage marking can be a nominal voltage or a range of voltages. These voltage labels can be used on circuit breakers and boxes, electrical panels, switches, and conduits.

Often paired with specified voltage markings, fuse labels and stickers are important for ensuring electrical safety in high voltage situations. Fuses are safeguards, usually against electrically-caused fire, but sometimes against electrically-caused injury. To prevent fire or electrically-caused injury, it’s imperative that the fuse is always replaced by one with the same set of ratings.

If a replaceable fuse is used in the product, whether user-replaceable or serviceman-replaceable, information as to an equivalent replacement fuse is required to be marked near the fuse. Usually, the marking would include at least voltage and current ratings. In some cases, the fuse interrupt-current rating may be appropriate. If the product uses an operating voltage setting device, the device should indicate the voltage for which the product is set. The act of changing the voltage setting should also change the indication of the voltage for which the equipment is set. Our electrical safety fuse labels are ANSI and ISO compliant and help to reduce fuse related electrical hazards.

Finding the voltage and fuse label that meets your specific requirements is easy, as we offer symbol only, text only, multi-symbol and text, and symbol and text formats, as well as durable indoor/outdoor options.  Browse the labels here in our catalog, or create your own to include any additional requirements you may have.

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