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Improving industrial workplace safety and compliance with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RIA, and ISO/EN machine safety standards is an area of top concern for OH&S and EH&S professionals. Our trusted workplace solutions are powered by our experts here at Clarion Safety Systems, and through our affiliated businesses, Machine Safety Specialists (a machine safety and compliance consulting practice) and Arrow Industrial Solutions (a machine safeguarding integrator). We have over 30 years of experience in safety engineering, including the design and assessment of critical safety systems for automated machinery, robotics, and industrial equipment – for machine users and equipment operators alike. We’re committed to being your partner every step of the way, providing customized solutions in line with your specific needs. That includes risk assessments conducted by our TÜV certified safety engineers, machine guarding (design, build and installation), functional safety, and clear guidance on safety codes and standards compliance.

Our Solutions

We provide full-service machine safety and workplace liability prevention capabilities through our team of experts – each with specific areas of proficiency. Our safety experts can help safety managers, control engineers, and plant managers in the following areas:

Risk Assessment Programs

Our seasoned, TÜV certified safety engineers can guide you through your risk assessment options – which include both on-site and remote services – in order to help increase safety, fulfill OSHA requirements, and follow today’s ANSI/RIA and ISO best practice standards.

Machine Guarding

Through our trained safety engineers and skilled personnel with decades of hands-on experience, we offer a comprehensive approach to machine guarding. Our capabilities include machine guarding assessments and hazard identification, as well as turnkey guard design, build, and installation services.

Functional Safety/ Control Reliability

We offer functional safety/control reliability services, where our experienced, certified safety engineers verify compliance with regulatory requirements and validate machine safety functions. We also specialize in electrical engineering and control reliability safety system design.

Machine Safety Training

Available through instructor led training on site, online, and in e-learning courses, learn about advanced machine safety issues for automated machinery, included OSHA requirements, control reliability and functional safety, the application of ISO safety standards, and more.

Free Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

Access a starting point for your task-based risk assessments utilizing ANSI/RIA compliant procedures.

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