Burn Hazard Safety Labels

Each year, over 450,000 individuals are treated for burn injuries in the United States and Canada alone. Your products need to have the necessary warnings in place so that people working around or servicing machinery are informed about common burn types – including thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, and sun exposure burns – and how to avoid them. For example, to avoid burns from electrical sources, machinery should be clearly marked with warnings about hot surfaces or high-voltage areas.  Thermal and sun exposure burns are often avoided by reminding employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and setting emergency procedures that are universally known across the workplace. One of the best ways to avoid chemical burns is to train all employees in hazard communication for labels and signs, as there are multitudes of dangerous chemicals in each workplace with differing effects.  

At Clarion Safety, we have high-quality burn hazard safety labels that have been developed and tested to withstand abrasive chemical washdowns, water, heat, and strong ultraviolet light. Prevent burns and reduce the risk of fires with our high visibility indoor/outdoor burn hazard labels, available in wordless, symbol only, multi-symbol and text, and symbol and text formats. If the content of one of our burn hazard labels is close, but not exactly what you need, have us customize the design; any component can be tailored to meet your specifications. Reach out to our team for help or use our online custom design tool.