OEM Services

Safety and risk reduction are top concerns for today’s machinery and equipment manufacturers. Labels, warnings, and markings are a critical part of safety and compliance, but there are important, related elements that require your attention. Our trusted OEM solutions for machine builders are powered by our experts here at Clarion Safety, where we have over 30 years of experience working hand in hand with our clients to apply product safety best practices to identify and mitigate risks – for manufacturers and machine users alike. We’re committed to being your partner every step of the way, in line with your specific needs – including risk assessments throughout your product’s lifecycle, specifying safety requirements like machine guarding, best practices for manuals and warnings, litigation support and more. 

Our Solutions

We provide full-service product safety and liability prevention capabilities through our team of experts – each with specific areas of proficiency. Our product safety experts can help you in the following areas:

Machinery Risk Assessments

Implement today’s best practices into your risk assessment process – the foundation of an effective product safety program starting at the manufacturing level.

Label & Warnings Reviews

With a personalized review of your product safety labels, learn tangible optimization techniques to put to use in your warnings and instructions.

Machine Manuals Audits

Our machinery consulting services for user manual audits and design can help keep operators safe and avoid liability exposure.

European Compliance Marking

We can help you determine the directives that apply to your product, meet applicable requirements, create and maintain documentation, affix a CE, UKCA, or UKNI mark label and complete your EU, UK, or Northern Ireland Declarations of Conformity.

Product Safety Consulting

Whether you’re looking to put your product safety program to the test or have known issues but are unsure where to begin, our experienced safety consultants can help.

CE, UKCA, & UKNI Marking Compliance

Get our guide to European product marking – designed to help North American manufacturers navigate CE, UKCA, and UKNI compliance requirements.

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