Conveyor Warning Labels

Conveyors and conveyor belts of a primitive fashion have existed as far back as 1892, and in the early 1900’s they completely changed the mining and assembly line industries. Modern day conveyor belts operate at incredible speeds and can carry much larger loads, even managing to maneuver around corners and on inclines. With these modern levels of speed and efficiency, conveyors can also carry a significant amount of danger when used unwisely or recklessly. With energized moving parts and machinery, there’s the potential for injury if equipment is used incorrectly.

Conveyor warning labels placed on conveyor equipment is essential to keep workers and contactors informed of proper procedures and the risks related to this type of equipment.

Clarion Safety’s conveyor safety labels help equipment manufacturers to warn the people who install, use and service their conveyors worldwide. Our labels use the latest ANSI and ISO standards, state-of-the-art symbols, and top quality materials. We also conveyor warning labels designed to comply with CEMA standards.