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Solutions for Your Workplace Machinery

Arrow Industrial Solutions (Arrow), a division of Clarion Safety Systems, offers complete, turnkey machine safeguarding solutions. We’ll efficiently and effectively design, build, and install your guard system to help protect your employees and create a safer work environment. 

Understanding and improving machinery safety mechanisms is critical to safeguard workers, protect business continuity, and meet compliance requirements. However, many of today’s workplaces struggle with unforeseen production considerations and installation concerns once their guard is designed. Let’s work together to improve workplace safety and create a path to compliance with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, and ISO/EN machine safety standards. Get to know a snapshot of our services, below. These can all be tailored to your organization’s unique needds.

    • Through a collaborative design process and integration techniques, we can help you transform your machine safety concerns into practical solutions. That includes:

    • Risk Assessment into Action: We can help take your machine risk assessments and translate them into actionable plans.
    • Optimized Guard Systems: We design and build custom safety guards specifically for your application.
    • Reduced Operator Risk & Discomfort: Our guards minimize operator contact with hazardous areas while promoting user comfort.
    • Durable & Cost-Effective Solutions: We use long-lasting materials suited to your environment, ensuring a cost-effective safety solution.

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    • Our expertise lies in designing safety systems with the following priorities:

    • Reliability: We ensure our systems function as intended, every time.
    • Single Point of Failure Mitigation: We design our systems to avoid critical failures due to a single component malfunction. This is achieved through:
    • Selection of robust electrical components.
    • Implementation of fault detection mechanisms.
    • Employment of single-fault tolerant architectures.
    By following these principles, we maximize the likelihood of our safety systems remaining operational even in the event of an electrical issue.

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    • We offer design and engineering expertise to upgrade, replace, or build entirely new control systems and panels for your OEM machines:

    • Upgrade, Replace, or Build New: We can breathe new life into existing systems, replace outdated controls, or design and build entirely new control systems for your machines.
    • Complete Integration: Our expertise covers all aspects of control systems, including PLC and safety controller programming, and schematic development.
    • Scalable Solutions: No project is too big or too small for our team. We can handle control systems of any size and complexity.

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    • Seamless On-site Installation: We offer expert installation of your guards and safety systems directly at your facility.
    • Speed & Precision: Our technicians are fully outfitted for fast, accurate installation, minimizing disruption to your machine's performance.
    • Worker Safety Training: We provide comprehensive documentation to empower your workers on the safe use and maintenance procedures for the new guards and safety systems.

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The seasoned, certified safety engineers at Machine Safety Specialists (MSS) help EH&S personnel (from safety teams to controls engineers to plant managers) understand and comply with safety regulations – making straightforward and unbiased recommendations to improve safety. We bring expert knowledge of needs for complex machinery and across multiple industries and industrial applications. That includes industrial robots/“COBOTS”/automated machinery, fluid power safety systems, and functional safety (control reliable) systems.

Get to know a snapshot of our services, offered with both on-site and remote options and tailored to your organization’s unique needs, below – or visit Arrow’s website for more details.

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