A New Way to Find the Safety Products You Need: Filtered Search!

By Bethany Savage | 10th Mar 2016

Our new, completely redesigned  clarionsafety.com website went live last Spring – but that doesn’t mean the improvements and features ended there!

In fact, we’ve just launched another enhancement that we’re excited to share: filtered search.

This new feature allows you to search our online catalog using the search bar tool, and narrow down your safety sign and label results by two main categories: the format of the product (such as a symbol-only or multi-symbol and text) and the product’s hazard description (such as the type of hazard or point of interaction with the hazard).

Here’s a quick look:

Product Search Example

In this example, we’ve filtered the results to only show “Safety Labels” with a format that uses multiple symbols and a word message, and with a hazard involving a hand. You can then select multiple filters (like hand AND face), and can remove a filter by clicking the X or unchecking the box. If you want to remove all the filters and categories you’ve selected, just click “RESET.”

Head over to our online catalog today and use the search bar at the upper right corner of the page to take advantage of more simplified product navigation and shopping. And please stay tuned as we continue to add new features to our website to better serve your needs!