Clarion and the NDPA: Partnering to Prevent Drowning

By Erin Earley | 5th Mar 2012

You may not be aware of the far reach of our market in safety signs, labels, and markings. You see, at our core Clarion is a risk reduction and people protection company, and we are committed to working with a wide variety of industries to promote best practices in visual safety communication systems.

The latest case in point? Clarion is proudly partnering with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) to promote water safety across all aquatics environments. We've joined forces with the NDPA in the past on safety efforts, including comprehension testing of graphical symbols for our recently launched pool safety sign system product line. We now have an exciting new collaboration that builds on this partnership: part of the proceeds from the pool safety sign system will support the NDPA's efforts in drowning prevention. Beginning this week – kicking off at the NDPA's 2012 National Drowning Prevention Symposium in San Diego, CA on March 7 – Clarion will contribute $1 to the NDPA for every pool safety sign we sell. We hope to see you at this one-of-a-kind NDPA event that brings together experts from across the country, and across industries, and continue the dialogue on how proper safety signage can help to prevent accidents.

We're honored to have this opportunity to collaborate with an organization like the NDPA on safety communication. For us, this is what reducing risk and protecting people is all about.